Steel (disambiguation)

Steel (disambiguation)

Steel is a metal alloy that is principally comprised of iron and carbon

Steel may also be:

in specific iron alloys:
* Steel grades, to classify steels by their composition and physical properties
* AISI steel grades, American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) standard steel grades,
* Low alloy steel, steel alloyed with other elements
* Carbon steel, also called plain carbon steel, a combination of iron and carbon
* Damascus steel, a variety of steel used between 900 and 1600 for making swords
* Stainless steel, a variety of steel containing at least 10.5% chromium
* TMT steel, thermo-mechanically treated steel

in other metal objects:
* Firesteel for generating of sparks by impacts with flints
* Sharpening steel, a rod used for realigning the microscopic edge of blades
* Steel guitar, a special type of guitar and a special way of playing it
* Steel, a device held against the strings when playing a steel guitar
* Sword, sometimes termed steel in certain cultures

* Anthony Steel, British historian
* Bryan Steel (born 1969), English cyclist and multiple Olympic medalist
* Danielle Steel, an author known for her romance novels
* David Steel, Lord Steel of Aikwood, Leader of the British Liberal Party (1976-1988) and briefly interim Leader of the newly-formed Liberal Democrats (1988)
* David Steel (Church of Scotland minister), father of Lord Steel of Aikwood
* Freda Steel, Manitoba judge
* Professional wrestlers:
** Steel, Kevin Nash
** Steel, Sean Morley

Titled works:
* "Steel" ("The Twilight Zone"), a 1963 episode of "The Twilight Zone"
* Steel (comics), a name used by several fictional characters owned and published by DC Comics
* "Steel" (film), a 1997 movie starring Shaquille O'Neal and Annabeth Gish based on the DC Comics character

* Steel (band), a power metal project by Dan Swanö and Opeth members
* Steel type "Pokémon", variety of fictional "Pokémon" creatures
* Steel Brightblade, fictional character in the "Dragonlance" novels

ee also

* Steele (disambiguation)
* Steal (disambiguation)
* Stijl, De Stijl
* "Sapphire & Steel", British television series
* "British Steel" (album), by Judas Priest

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