Berg (surname)

Berg (surname)

Berg, as a surname, may refer to:

In music:
*Alban Berg (1885 - 1935), Austrian composer
*Cia Berg (born 1963), Swedish singer and television presenter
*Elizabeth Berg (born 1986), American singer with "The Like", daughter of Tony Berg
*Gunnar Berg (1909 - 1989), Swiss/Danish composer
*Moe Berg (musician) (born 1959), Canadian singer-songwriter
*Shelly Berg (born 1955), American jazz pianist and educator
*Tony Berg (born 1954), American guitarist, father of Elizabeth Berg

In media and the arts:
*Alan Berg (1934 - 1984), an American talk radio host
*Dave Berg (cartoonist) (1920 - 2002), American cartoonist for "MAD"
*Gertrude Berg (1894 - 1966), American radio and television actress
*Carol Berg, fantasy writer
*Elizabeth Berg (author) (born 1948), American novelist

In politics and religion
*Axel Berg (born 1959), German politician
*Bruno II von Berg (c.1100 - 1137), Archbishop of Cologne
*David Berg (1919 - 1994), founder of the religious mouvement Children of God
*Friedrich Wilhelm Rembert von Berg (1793-1874), Russian statesman and military figure
*Herbert Berg (religion), religious studies professor at the University of North Carolina
*Michael Berg (born 1945), politician and anti-war activist, father of Nick Berg
*Philip Berg, founder of the Kabbalah Centre
*Moe Berg (1902 - 1972), U.S. baseball player and spy
*Nick Berg (1978 - 2004), American businessman beheaded in Iraq

In science, medical and technology
*Jeremy M. Berg, the director of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences
*Lev Semenovich Berg (1876 - 1950), biologist and geographer
*Paul Berg (born 1926), American biochemist
*John Berg (born 1970), American Piping and Structural Designer

In Sport
*Allen Berg, Canadian racing driver
*Andrea Berg (born 1981), German volleyball player
*Henning Berg (born 1969), Norwegian football player
*Herbert Berg (bobsleigh), German bobsledder
*Lindsey Berg (born 1980), American volleyball player
*Marcus Berg (born 1986), Swedish football (soccer) player
*Patty Berg (1918 - 2006), American golfer

In other uses
*Paavo Berg, a Finnish fighter ace
*Richard Berg, a wargame designer.

ee also

*von Berg

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