Adams (surname)

Adams (surname)

Adams is a common surname in English-speaking countries, derived from the given name Adam.

People with the surname Adams

Politics and law

*Abigail Adams (1744–1818), U.S. First Lady
*Brockman Adams (1927–2004), U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator from Washington
*Campbell W. Adams (1852-1930), NY State Engineer and Surveyor 1894-1898
*Charles Francis Adams, Sr. (1807–1886), grandson of John Adams, son of John Quincy Adams, U.S. congressman, ambassador
*Dick Adams (b. 1951), Australian politician
*Gabriel Adams (1790 – 1864), Mayor of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
*Gerry Adams (born 1948), Irish Republican politician, President of Sinn Féin
*Henry Cullen Adams (1850-1906), U.S. Representative from Wisconsin
*John Adams (1735–1826), second U.S. President
*John Quincy Adams (1767–1848), sixth U.S. President
*Judith Adams, Australian Senator
*Katherine Adams (born 1947), Scottish MP
*Robert Adams, Jr. (Pennsylvania) (1849-1906), U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania
*Robert H. Adams (1792–1830), U.S. Senator from Mississippi
*Samuel Adams (1722–1803), American revolutionary
*Samuel Adams (governor) (1805–1850), Governor of Arkansas
*Thomas Adams (politician) (1730–1788), American Continental Congressman


*Babe Adams (1882–1968), American baseball pitcher
*Bob Adams (AL baseball pitcher) (1901–1996), American League baseball pitcher
*Bobby Adams (1921–1997), Major League Baseball infielder
*Charles Adams (ice hockey) (1876–1947), Boston Bruins founder
*Mark Adams, basketball coach
*Michael Adams (born 1971), English chess grandmaster
*Michael Adams (basketball) (born 1963), American NBA basketball player, college basketball
*Micky Adams English football Manager
*Neil Adams (judoka) British judo player
*Neil Adams (footballer) English football player
*Ondigui Adams (born 1987), Cameroonian football (soccer) player
*Russ Adams (born 1980), baseball player with the Toronto Blue Jays
*Sam Adams (football player) (born 1973), American football player
*Sam Adams Sr. (born 1948), American football player, father of Sam Adams
*Spencer Adams (1898-1970), Baseball player
*Tony Adams (footballer) (born 1966), English footballer and manager

Literature and journalism

*Bristow Adams (1875–1957), American journalist, forester, professor, illustrator
*Brooks Adams (1848-1927), American historian and a critic of capitalism
*Cecil Adams, pseudonym of author(s) of a syndicated humor column, "The Straight Dope"
*Douglas Adams (1952–2001), British comic radio dramatist and writer, author of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" series
*Eddie Adams (photographer) (1933–2004), American photojournalist
*Francis Adams (writer) (1862–1893), Australian essayist, poet, dramatist, novelist and journalist
*Franklin Pierce Adams (1881–1960), American columnist (under the pen name F.P.A.), writer, and wit
*Henry Adams (1838–1918), American historian, journalist, and novelist
*Richard Adams (author) (born 1920), British novelist, author of "Watership Down" and "The Plague Dogs"
*Roy Adams, prominent Canadian author, newspaper columnist, human rights activist and academic.
*Samuel Hopkins Adams (1871-1958), American journalist and short story writer


*Ben Adams (born 1981), British singer, businessman
*Bryan Adams (born 1959), Canadian singer, guitarist, and songwriter
*Charlie Adams, American musician
*Dave Adams, English musician and songwriter
*John Coolidge Adams (born 1947), American minimalist composer
*John Luther Adams (born 1953), American composer
*Oleta Adams (born 1962), American soul and jazz singer
*Ryan Adams (born 1974), American alt-country and rock and roll singer/songwriter
*Steven Adams (born 1974), English songwriter and singer with The Broken Family Band
*Suzanne Adams (born 1872), American operatic soprano
*Victoria Adams (born 1974), birthname of British pop singer "Posh Spice" Victoria Beckham

Drama and television

*Amy Adams (1974- ), American actress
*Cecily Adams (1958–2004), American actress, daughter of Don Adams
*Don Adams (1923–2005), American actor
*Maud Adams (born 1945), Swedish model and actress
*Nick Adams (1931–1968), American actor and screenwriter
*Stanley Adams (actor) (1915–1977), American actor and filmwriter
*Tony Adams (actor) (born 1940), Welsh actor


*Charles Francis Adams, Jr. (1835–1915), Civil War General and president of the Union Pacific Railroad
*Charles Francis Adams III (1866–1954), U.S. Navy secretary
*Robert Bellew Adams (VC) (1856–1928), recipient of the Victoria Cross
*Samuel Adams (naval officer) (1912–1942), U.S. Navy officer
*W. Adams (died 1748), captain in British Navy

cience, medicine, and engineering

*Charles Hitchcock Adams (1868-1951), US astronomer
*Edward Dean Adams, (1846-unknown) engineer, financier and scientist, Niagara Falls hydroelectric dam engineer, recipient of the John Fritz Medal. [Honor For E.D. Adams : Engineers to Award the John Fritz Medal for Niagara Development.. (1926, March 17). New York Times (1857-Current file), 6. ProQuest Historical Newspapers The New York Times (1851 - 2004) database. (Document ID: 119063396).]
*Francis Adams (translator) (1796-1861), Scottish medical doctor and translator of Greek medical works
*Henry Adams (mechanical engineer) co-founder of ASHVE, chief engineer U.S. government, large building systems engineer
*John Bodkin Adams, Eastbourne physician and suspected serial killer]
*John Couch Adams (1819–1892), British mathematician and astronomer
*Robert Adams of London (1809–1870), British firearms designer
*Robert McCormick Adams Jr. (born 1926), U.S. anthropologist
*Walter Sydney Adams (1876-1956), US astronomer
*William Adams (locomotive engineer) (1823–1904), British locomotive engineer
*William Adams (oculist) (1783–1827), English ophthalmic surgeon
*William Bridges Adams (1797–1872) British author, inventor, and locomotive engineer


*Ansel Adams (1902–1984), American photographer
*Arthur Adams, American comic book artist
*Charles Francis Adams IV (1910–1999), president of Raytheon Company
*Charlotte Adams, First European woman to climb to the peak of Mount Kosciuszko
*Clifford Adams, computer programmer
*Herbert Adams (1858-1945), American sculptor
*Herbert Baxter Adams (1850–1901), American educator and historian
*John Adams (mutineer) (1766–1829), last survivor of the Bounty mutineers who settled on Pitcairn Island
* Mark Adams, New Zealand photographer
*Michael James Adams (1930–1967), American aviator and NASA astronaut
*Neal Adams (born 1941), American comic book artist
*Otto Eugene Adams (Sr.) (1889-1968) architect
*Richard Adams (ca. 1626–1698), non-conforming English Presbyterian divine
*Richard Adams (Traidcraft), British fair trade organisation founder
*Robert Adams (architect) (1540–1595), English architect and surveyor
*Robert Merrihew Adams (born 1937), American philosopher
*Robert Adams (photographer) (born 1937), American photographer
* Scott Adams (disambiguation)
**Scott Adams (born 1957), cartoonist
**Scott Adams (game designer), computer game designer and programmer
*Thomas Adams (architect) (1871–1940), Scottish architect and urban planner
*William Adams (sailor) (1564–1620), English navigator, first Briton to reach Japan
*William Adams (master) (1706–1789), Master of Pembroke College, Oxford
*Zabdiel Adams (1739–1801), American minister, writer, cousin of President John Adams


*Andrew Adams
*Arthur Adams
*Carl Adams
*Charles Adams
*Charles Francis Adams
*Chris Adams
*Colin Adams
*Daniel Adams
*David Adams
*Don Adams
*Eddie Adams
*Francis Adams
*George Adams
*Greg Adams
*Herbert Adams
*James Adams
*John Adams
*Keith Adams
*Kevin Adams
*Mark Adams
*Michael Adams
*Mike Adams
*Nick Adams
*Paul Adams
*Richard Adams
*Robert Adams
*Robert M. Adams
*Samuel Adams
*Scott Adams
*Steve Adams
*Steven Adams
*Thomas Adams
*Tony Adams
*Walter Adams
*William Adams


*Eddie Adams, real name of fictional porn star Dirk Diggler

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* Addams
* Adamson


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