Industry Foundation Classes

Industry Foundation Classes

The Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) data model is a neutral and open specification that is not controlled by a single vendor or group of vendors. It is an object oriented file format with a data model developed by the International Alliance for Interoperability (IAI) to facilitate interoperability in the building industry, and is a commonly used format for Building Information Modeling (BIM). The IFC model specification is open and available. [ [ IAI International ] ] Because of its focus on ease of interoperability between software platforms the Danish government has made the use of IFC format(s) compulsory for publicly aided building projects. [ [ Digital client demands scheme] ]

IFC/ifcXML Specifications

* ifcXML2x3 (June 2007)
* IFC2x3 (February 2006)
* ifcXML2 for IFC2x2 add1 (RC2)
* IFC2x2 Addendum 1 (July 2004)
* ifcXML2 for IFC2x2 (RC1)
* IFC 2x2
* IFC 2x Addendum 1
* ifcXML1 for IFC2x and IFC2x Addendum 1
* IFC 2x
* IFC 2.0
* IFC 1.5.1
* IFC 1.5 [ [ IAI International ] ]

oftware vendors supporting IFC

* Progman: MagiCAD supports IFC 2x2 and IFC 2x3
* Tekla: Tekla Structures supports IFC 2x2 and IFC 2x3
* Nemetschek: VectorWorks supports IFC 2x3 through use of the VectorWorks IFC v.2x3 plug-inref|NemetschekAnnouncement
* Graphisoft: Archicad supports IFC 1.51, IFC 2.00, IFC 2x, IFC 2x2, IFC 2x3 from Archicad 7 version onwards.ref|ArchicadAddons
* Nemetschek: Allplan supports IFC 2x3 as a free add-on from 2006-2 version.
* Nemetschek: SCIA Engineer (ESA-PT) supports IFC 2x3
* Bentley Systems: [ Bentley Architecture] supports IFC 2x3.ref|BentleyOpenStandards
* Cadwork: Cadwork 3D supporting IFC 2x3.
* Solibri: Solibri Model Checker, Solibri Model Viewer, Solibri IFC Optimizer
* Data Design System : [ DDS-CAD] supports Ifc 2x3
* Archimen Group : [ Active3d]
* Autodesk: Revit supports IFC 2x2 and IFC 2x3ref|RevitIFC
* Autodesk: AutoCAD Architecture supports IFC 2x3
* Jotne EPM Technology AS : [ EDM products] supporting IFC.
* GRAITEC: Advance Steel : [] supporting IFC 2x3.
* GRAITEC: Advance Concrete : [] supporting IFC 2x3.
* GRAITEC: Advance Design : [] supporting IFC 2x3.

External links

* [ Understanding the different purposes of IFCs and aecXML in achieving Interoperability] at the International Alliance for Interoperability, North America, website
* [ Data Design System] Building services engineering CAD software - working with IFC building models
*A list from [ DDS] of [ products supporting IFC]
* [ IFC for Structural Steel] at NIST
* [ AECbytes Feature (March 30, 2004)] on the IFC data model.
* [ IfcWiki] Beginning of an open-for-all Wiki on the IFCs (initiated by Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe)
* [ Solibri IFC Optimizer] is a free IFC file optimization tool.
* [ Solibri Model Viewer] is a free IFC file viewer.


# [ Nemetschek North America Announces Public Beta for Upcoming IFC Version 2x3 Plug-ins]
# [ General Information about Graphisoft and IFC]
# [ List of available Archicad IFC Add-ons]
# [ Bentley's Commitment to Open Standards and Interoperability]
# [ Revit IFC certification]
# [ GTC: Graitec Transfer Center - CAD and Analysis software interoperability]

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