Gulf languages

Gulf languages

Gulf is a proposed native North American language family composed of the Muskogean languages, along with four extinct language isolates. The four isolates are the Atakapa language [aqp] , Chitimacha language [ctm] , Natchez language [ncz] and Tunica language [tun] .

Gulf was proposed as a language family by Mary Haas (Haas 1951, 1952), but the family has not been rigorously established by the comparative method. Conservative historical linguists such as Lyle Campbell (Campbell and Mithun 1979, Campbell 1997) list the relationship as unproven.

However, a number of specialists on Muskogean languages, including Mary Haas and Pamela Munro Munro (1995) have regarded the hypothesis of a Gulf family of languages as promising. A difficulty in evaluating the hypothesis is the lack of available data. Most of the data on Chitimacha and Natchez is still unpublished and held in archives.


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