Hippocampal sulcus

Hippocampal sulcus

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The hippocampal sulcus, also known as the hippocampal fissure, is a sulcus that separates the dentate gyrus from the subiculum and the CA1 field in the hippocampus.

Development in humans

During human fetal development, the hippocampal sulcus first appears at approximately 10 weeks of gestational age. At this stage it exists as a broad shallow fissure along the surface of the dentate gyrus. Gradually, the fissure deepens and shifts toward the cornu ammonis. After about 18 weeks, the walls of the fissure fold into each other and begin to fuse. By 30 weeks, the hippocampal sulcus is normally obliterated except for its most medial part, leaving a shallow surface indentation.Humphrey, Tryphena. "The development of the human hippocampal fissure". "J Anat". 1967 September; 101(Pt 4): 655–676.]


Enlargement of the hippocampal sulcus has been associated with medial temporal lobe atrophy occurring in Alzheimer's disease. [cite journal|author=Bastos-Leite AJ, van Waesberghe JH, Oen AL, van der Flier WM, Scheltens P, Barkhof F|title=Hippocampal sulcus width and cavities: comparison between patients with Alzheimer disease and nondemented elderly subjects |journal=American journal of neuroradiology |volume=27 |issue=10 |pages=2141–5 |year=2006 |pmid=17110684]

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