The Unexplained

The Unexplained

"The Unexplained" is a 1996–2000 Biography Channel documentary television series about mysteries, psychic phenomena, and things that are considered to be "unexplained." Some episodes of the series are narrated by Bill Kurtis. Other episodes are narrated by Norm Woodel.

Episode descriptions

The following is a description of each episode listed alphabetically by title:

# Alien Abductions
# Bonds of Survival: Looks at the influence and power of love. Family members in a life or death situation discover the desire to save a loved one stronger than the grip of death when a husband and wife and father and son survive despite tremendous odds.
# Buried Alive: The incredible stories of people who have been buried alive, including two mine workers who survived a mine fire that killed 91 others, and two hikers who spent seven hours buried in snow and ice after an avalanche. Bill Kurtis hosts.
# Cannibals: From South Seas headhunters to the chilling case of Jeffrey Dahmer, this is an unflinching investigation of the long, mysterious history of cannibalism.
# Civil War Ghosts: It was America's bloodiest war...a war some believe is still being played out. We focus on paranormal and spiritual activity at three Civil War sites: Gettysburg's Farnsworth House, occupied by Southern sharpshooters; Mississippi's McRaven House, a field hospital during the Battle of Vicksburg; and Tennessee's Chickamauga battlefield.
# Close Encounters: Hard-core UFO believers called "Saucer Seekers" investigate reported sightings and landings of alien spacecraft.
# The Curse of King Tut
# Dangerous Obsessions: A probe into the twisted behavior of Robert John Bardo, who murdered actress Rebecca Schaeffer, and teacher Mary Kay Letourneau, who had a shocking affair with a 13-year-old student.
# Daredevils and Thrill
# Deadly Diamond: The Hope Diamond is the most famous, not to mention infamous, diamond in the world. Its roots are tangled in a web of intrigue and mystery. Does bad luck come to all who own this precious gem? Explore the lives this ironically named stone has touched - from King Louis XVI to Washington socialite Evalyn Walsh McLean, from an American actress at the turn of the century to a world renown jeweler, see how the Hope Diamond's legendary curse has left a path of destruction through human frailty and greed.
# Death Cheaters: Incredible tales of people who cheated death, including a man who survived a plane crash that killed most other passengers, a trapped firefighter who endured a raging fire even after her air supply ran out, and a skydiver who withstood a 100-foot plunge to the concrete below.
# Exorcists: Discover the true story behind The Exorcist and hear interviews with priests who have performed the ancient ceremony in this astonishing examination of religion's most bizarre rite.
# Extraterrestrials
# Extreme Sacrifice: Heroic measures or foolhardy death wishes? EXTREME SACRIFICE unveils the reasons people risk their lives to save others - sometimes at the ultimate peril.
# Fantasies & Fetishes
# Human Transformations: It has been said that the only constant in human life is change. But it is the stories of extreme transformation that sometimes defy our imagination. In this program, we'll explore the ways and the reasons that people transform themselves. First, the story of Cindy Jackson, an Ohio farm girl who became enchanted with the looks and imaginary lifestyle of the Barbie doll. Enchanted enough to spend nearly $250,000 over the last decade to change her appearance through nearly 30 cosmetic surgical procedures. Then the story of a Chicago man whose fascination with the Star Trek universe prompted him to transform his own life by leaving his marriage and family and taking a "higher calling," to become the leader of the International Federation of Trekkers.
# Hauntings: Explores the claims of people who say that their houses are haunted. They report butcher knives flying through the air and evil messages scrawled on their walls. One family even hired a ghostbuster.
# Modern Psychics: Can they read minds and see into the future? Do their dreams really come true? Join us as we meet today's psychics, including: an animal communicator who tells owners what their pets think of them, a psychiatrist who uses visions to help treat patients, and a lawyer who teaches police officers how to get in touch with their intuition.
# Multiple Personalities: Stories of four victims of Multiple Personality Syndrome (MPD). Includes Gary, who believes he's a woman named Mary and an infant named Baby; Valerie, who has had over 50 personalities; Chris, who was finally able to become a "whole person" at age 47; and "Sybil", whose famous case led to an epidemic of MPD cases.
# Poltergeist: The name conjures up images of vengeful spirits and chilling manifestations. They have been the subject of some of the most successful and memorable horror movies of all time. But what is a poltergeist are they demons, ghosts or the manifestation of the psychic energy of a living person? POLTERGEIST investigates four very different cases of paranormal incidents looking for answers. In most cases, there is undeniable, physical evidence that something happened the real world was affected. But by what? Probe the minds of the people who have seen poltergeists firsthand and those who are trying to uncover the truth behind them. Dramatic re-enactments bring these terrifying encounters to life, and chilling interviews with victims detail exactly what happened. From a Kentucky honky-tonk to ancient English universities, visit the sites where the phenomenon have occurred. As psychics and scientists grapple with the mystery of poltergeists, the real answers may lie hidden in the minds of those who have met them.
# Power of Prayer: This probing look at four real-life cases of "miraculous" healing includes testimony from scientists, ministers and people who claim to have been cured by faith.
# Prophets and Doom: From the pages of the Old Testament to today, explore stories of prophecy with leading experts, including authors Eva Shaw (Eve of Destruction) and James Randi (Flim Flam).
# Psychic Children: Their Sixth Sense
# Psychic Detectives: To many people it is a disgrace to justice. Others say that anything that might help break a case is justified. More and more police departments occasionally turn to psychics for assistance on cases that have gone cold. But is there any real evidence that these PSYCHIC DETECTIVES can help bring criminals to justice? The Unexplained; examines this phenomenon through actual case studies and interviews with psychics, police officers and skeptics. Meet a man who says that the emotional energy left behind by a traumatic event leaves a trace that can be detected years later. But skeptics claim that these psychics are charlatans, inventing realistic-sounding scenarios that the police want to hear - and that when they break a case it is merely coincidence. Whatever you believe, this is a thought-provoking look at one of the strangest trends in law enforcement today.
# Psychic Spies
# Questioning Astrology
# Radical Cures: Prompted by a medical profession that cannot always cure the sick, many Americans search for alternative treatments for what ails them. From the power of herbs to the transference of healing energy, healers claim they merely help the body mend itself. The healed and the healers take on debunkers from traditional medicine.
# Reincarnations: Some religions have always held that the soul returns after death to inhabit a new body. With the rebirth of spirituality in the face of the approaching millennium, more and more people are coming to believe in reincarnation but is there evidence to support this belief? THE UNEXPLAINED examines three very different cases which suggest that reincarnation may in fact happen. The first is the publicized account of a Canadian boy recognized by the Dalai Lama as the reincarnation of a spiritual leader. Here, the boy and his parents talk of their belief and how it has changed their life. Then, trace the spiritual journey of Jenny Cockell, a young woman who does not believe in rebirth, yet whose memories of another life in Ireland led her to search for children from that past existence! Finally, a young child is miraculously cured of a birth defect when he claims to remember the moment of his death in a previous life.
# Sacred Societies: Each summer, white-robed pagans descend on Stonehenge in England and pray to long-forgotten gods. In Scotland, a secret order over a 1,000 years old continues to practice medieval rituals. Join us as we explore the worlds of two ancient societies--the Druids and Knights Templar, as we try to understand why they still attract followers.
# Secrets of the Pyramids: An intriguing look at ancient pyramids that have found in North America--even the U.S.! Journey to Wisconsin, where pyramids are believed to have been found in the bottom of the lake, and the ancient ruins of Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza in Mexico. We'll also travel to Egypt to compare the structures.
# Secrets of Water Survival
# Sexual Attraction
# Speaking with the Dead: Three stories explore the phenomenon of mediums and channelers including the tale of James Van Praagh, a psychic who has become America's most famous medium.
# Spontaneous Human Combustion
# Strange Disappearances: Strange tales of the disappearance of Philip Taylor Kramer and the case of the U.S. Navy ship and crew that disappeared in the famous "Philadelphia Experiment".
# Struck by Lightning: Lightning strikes indiscriminately and without warning. Unsuspecting people are hit hundreds of times each year. THE UNEXPLAINED: STRUCK BY LIGHTNING examines the many experiences of lightning-strike survivors. Some victims tempted fate by hiking in the high Sierras or taking storm photos in an open field, but others were struck doing everyday activities such as talking on the phone, making dinner or walking to the post office. One survivor claims to have been healed by the experience. All the victims interviewed agree that their lives were changed forever. Experts and leading researchers from the medical and scientific communities also share their viewpoints and opinions about this unexplainable force of nature.
# Superstitions
# Surviving Pain and Torture: Pain is an invisible traveler that can race through our bodies, consume our minds and separate us from everything around us. It cannot be seen, photographed, X-rayed or measured. Terrible pain leaves permanent scars in its wake. Torture is inflicted on the body to destroy the mind. It destroys hope, humanity, faith and trust. Severe torture leaves the victims altered forever. Examine these all-too-common human experiences with in-depth looks from those who know them firsthand: a fireman who was so badly burned that he wasn't expected to live through the night; a Vietnam P.O.W. who was tortured and humiliated for seven years inside the Hanio Hilton; a Ugandan schoolteacher who was imprisoned, beaten, tortured, intimidated and forced to witness mutilation and murder by Idi Amin's militia; a woman who experienced the most difficult and excruciating pain of all - childbirth. The ordeals of pain and torture are as unique as the human beings who suffered them and how they survived remains unexplained.
# The Death Zone: Men and women can perform extraordinary feats--if they push their minds and bodies to the limits. We'll relate stories of remarkable people, including one who made a solo summit of Mt. Everest in record-breaking time, and a woman who transforms herself into a human dolphin.
# The Moon Madness
# The Twin Connection: From the beginning of time, twins have claimed to possess a powerful bond a bond which many believe links them from the womb throughout life. Yet to believe in this connection one must accept much more the ability to read minds, to psychically transfer pain and to be conscious of another person's presence before you've even met. This penetrating program examines three extraordinary stories of "twinship" in search of answers to THE TWIN CONNECTION. Trace the path of twins separated at birth in 1930s Germany one was raised a Jew, the other a Nazi sympathizer. Meet Lori and Dori Schappell, conjoined twins who lead independent lives despite being physically connected at the head! And see how a photographer's longtime obsession with twins connects him to a secret from his past.
# The Vampire Myth
# UFOs: Testing The Evidence: World premiere documentary that looks at the possibility of alien contact through the eyes of the UFO community, mainstream scientists and religious theologians.
# UFO Cults and Groups: Studies show that almost 20 percent of Americans believe in UFOs. And, as the much publicized Heaven's Gate incident pointed out, some of these people will go to extreme lengths in the name of their belief. UFO CULTS AND GROUPS traces the history of Heaven's Gate and compares it to another UFO group, the Unarius Academy, looking for insight into this growing phenomenon. Why do people join these groups, and why do some abandon all logic and reason in doing so? Interviews with former and current members of the groups offer a first-person view of what they are like, and point out the vast differences among them. Some are truly cults, which indoctrinate members and force them to embrace new beliefs and behaviors, while others are simply people joined together by a common interest. From the tragedy of Heaven's Gate to the remarkable number of people who belong to UFO groups of all descriptions, this is a thought-provoking look at a ""fringe"" belief that may not be as far from the mainstream as most think.
# UFOs vs. The Government: For years, people have claimed that the government has covered up proof of the existence of UFOs. For years, the government has denied the rumors as groundless. Spaceships versus weather balloons. Aliens versus mannequins. Both sides claim the other is lying or misguided; both sides present considerable evidence. Examine some of the most famous UFO cases of all time in an attempt to get to the bottom of this ongoing debate. Does the secret military base in Nevada known as Area 51 house the bodies and vessel of aliens who crashed in the desert 50 years ago? What happened in the night skies over Rendlesham Forest, near London? Numerous interviews provide a balanced look at these and other famous cases. Witnesses including highly decorated military pilots tell of their encounters with craft that they could not identify, while the world ís most experienced UFO investigators offer their opinions of what really happened.
# Wilderness Survival: Each year in the majestic Colorado Plateau, thousands of hikers, climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the splendor, peace and beauty of America's largest wilderness area. But not all of their excursions are restful. WILDERNESS SURVIVAL is a white knuckle trip that details three real-life cases where people suddenly found themselves facing death. In Rocky Mountain Park, two climbers were caught in a winter hurricane at 14,000 feet. One was literally blown off the mountain. Here, the survivor shares memories of the toughest climb of his life. In the Colorado wilderness, firefighters fought a fire that burned out of control and killed 14 men and women. Why did some outrun the fire, while others died a few feet from their comrades? In Arizona's Grand Canyon, a sixty-year-old man was lost for six days in the middle of a deadly heat wave. He defied the odds, managing to remain calm, find water and wait for his rescue. These stories explore how experience, stress and intelligence play a part in deciding who lives and who dies in critical situations.
# Zombies

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