A Life of Its Own

A Life of Its Own

Infobox Album
Name = Memoru Burn
Type = studio
Artist = Memory Burn

Released = 2002
Recorded = 2001-2002
Genre = Alternative rock, Rock
Length =
Label = Noise Kontrol
Producer = Johnny Indovina
Co-Producer = Jim Wirt

Memory Burn "A Life Of Its Own" was released by Noise Kontrol in 2002. Memory Burn is made up of several high profile musicians who came together to create this special work. Vocalist Johnny Indovina of the critically acclaimed Human Drama is joined by guitarist Steve Caton, a fixture in Tori Amos projects for over a decade, Raging Slab drummer Rob Cournoyer. Bassist Mike Mallory and pianist Dave Zimmerman.Produced by Johnny Indovina and co-produced by Jim Wirt, whose previous work has included LA Guns, Incubus, and Human Drama.

Track listing

# "Time"
# "Let Go"
# "Beneath the sand"
# "Isolation"
# "Down to the Ground"
# "Believe"
# "Time Reprise"
# "My Private Hell"
# "Fear"
# "Why"
# "Still Born Dreams"
# "Freedom"
# "Epilogue"

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* [http://www.projekt.com/projekt/product.asp?sku=NKC00003&dept%5Fid=20 Projekt Records.com Listing]

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