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Tony Huynh

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"Snow Day"
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Tony Huỳnh (thewinekone or TWK) is a Vietnamese Canadian YouTube comedian from Toronto, Ontario.cite news |first=Janet |last=Kornblum |authorlink= |coauthors= |title=These guys draw a YouTube crowd |url= |quote= |publisher=USA Today |date=October 30, 2007 |accessdate=2007-11-02 ] He is known for posting his thoughts on different subjects to YouTube with his own style of comedy and farce.

As of September 2008, Huynh is the #34 most subscribed user on YouTube with over 100,000 subscribers (most subscribed in Canada). [ YouTube - Broadcast Yourself ] ] In March 2007, he won YouTube's first ever YouTube Video Awards [ YouTube Awards] ] in the "Best Commentary" category. [ "YouTube Awards the Top of Its Heap" - Virginia Heffernan, The New York Times, March 27, 2007] ]


Huynh first began on YouTube with a video called "The Delaware Boy". [ "The Delaware Boy" - "The Wine Kone" on YouTube] ] He continued to make videos and eventually attracted attention from YouTube viewers with his video rants on random topics, including the video "Hotness Prevails / Worst Video Ever" [ "Hotness Prevails / Worst Video Ever" - "The Wine Kone" on YouTube] ] , which is his most viewed video with about three million views.

Huynh's unique style of humor has been described as eclectic and self-deprecating. He is known for his various rants for which he has gained a loyal audience even from other YouTube celebrities, most notably Ben Going. A repeating joke is a video with the warning that watching the video is a waste of time. This warning is followed by dead time or content which is uninteresting and not humorous. Another repeated theme in Huynh's videos is to address individuals who have achieved the rank of Internet celebrity..Huynh has made appearances on the cable show The FIZZ. [ The FIZZ Official Website - cast] ] He has also collaborated with other YouTube celebrities to perform in a music video for Barenaked Ladies entitled "Sound of Your Voice" [ Barenaked Ladies' Official Website - News section] ] and for causes such as "Save The Internet campaign", [ Save The Internet Website - Videos section] ] "The YouTube Anti-Racism Collaboration" [ "The YouTube Anti-Racism Collaboration: We Can Make A Difference" - "kwaichi" of YouTube] ] the [ Yellow Bird Project] , "and Dare to Dream - YouTube Community". [ "Dare to Dream - YouTube Community" - Digitilsoul of YouTube] ] In December 2006, Huynh participated in the YouTube and Coca-Cola Holiday WishCast. [ "YouTube and Coca-Cola Introduce Video Greeting Cards for the Holidays" - Press release from YouTube and The Coca-Cola Company, December 8, 2006] ] He has also contributed a special video message for YouTube New Year's Eve Countdown in partnership with Warner Music Group Corporation and presented by Chevrolet [ "YouTube, Chevrolet and Warner Music Group Present New Year's Eve Countdown Around the World"] ] in January 2007.

In May 2007, YouTube invited Huynh to join the YouTube Partner Program. [ "YouTube Elevates Most Popular Users to Partners" - YouTube blog, May 3, 2007] ] This exclusive status, previously only offered to commercial content providers, allows users to earn revenue from advertisements placed next to videos [ YouTube's list of partners] ] .

Huynh registered a second YouTube account thewinektwo for his video responses.

On July 31, 2007, Huynh posted on his channel that the meaning of "The Wine Kone" was "love", however, he edited his channel to change this meaning every several weeks.


Huynh started sending newsletters to his friends back in 2002 in his university (University of Waterloo) through email. His mailing list grew over time and a year after, the newsletters had been named "The Wine Kone". Subscribers then received a collection of articles, edited images, audio clips and videos produced by Huynh himself. In April 2005, he decided to publish his works online [ [ "The Wine Kone" on (Archived March 2, 2006)] ] with the use of free blogging websites such as Wordpress, LiveJournal and Later on, he focused more on video production and found his way to YouTube.

On his MySpace page [] (accessed May 2007) Huynh states that he first came onto YouTube so his friends could watch his videos. This was instead of distributing his videos via email as he found the attachments were too big. Huynh also says that he never realised that he would become popular on such a site. He wishes to go on further with this and also hopes that "this is just the beginning."

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