Word Made Flesh

Word Made Flesh

Word Made Flesh was started in 1991, as a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization that exists to serve and advocate for the poorest of the poor in urban centers of the majority world. The organization focuses most of its work on the most vulnerable of the poor – women and children.

In 1994, Word Made Flesh initiated its first children's home in Chennai, South India, for abandoned children with a primary focus on pediatric AIDS care. In 1995, another home was established for severely mentally and physically disabled girls who have been abandoned, left on the streets to die. Since then, Word Made Flesh has expanded into other countries in South Asia, South America and Africa where they partner with international Christians. The organization has about 250 staff members, interns, volunteers and board members and operates on a $2.4 million budget (2007). Projects include pediatric AIDS care, rehabilitation for abused and destitute women, care and education and vocational training for the war-affected, residential care for children with mental and physical disabilities, advocacy for children of the streets, housing and rehabilitation for children and youth of the streets, and education and business initiatives for sexually exploited women and children.

Word Made Flesh has nine foundational commitments (Lifestyle Celebrations): intimacy, obedience, humility, community, service, simplicity, submission, brokenness, and suffering. Word Made Flesh also has undertaken guiding principles of solidarity with the poor, ecumenicism, gender equality, and multiculturalism.


Word Made Flesh partners with local aid organizations, local churches, and local believers that work among children at risk.

Working toward preventing children from living on the streets, Word Made Flesh targets high-risk communities for education and community development projects with the hopes of keeping children off the streets.

Word Made Flesh also partners with local aid organizations that rescue and rehabilitate boys and girls who have been sexually exploited, helping to provide education, rehabilitation, discipleship, and care.

In addition to partnering with other organizations, Word Made Flesh has begun new ministries in:








Sierra Leone


United States

Statement of Faith

Word Made Flesh adheres to the tenants outlined by the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelism in the Lausanne Covenant.

External links

Organizational links

* [http://wordmadeflesh.com/ www.wordmadeflesh.com - Word Made Flesh website]

* [http://wordmadeflesh.com/learn/the_cry-readonline.html "The Cry" – a quarterly advocacy journal of Word Made Flesh]

* [http://www.wmfromania.com/Eng/main.php Word Made Flesh Romania]

Published books by WMF staff

* [http://www.ivpress.com/cgi-ivpress/book.pl/code=3621 "Simple Spirituality: Learning to See God in a Broken World", by Christopher L. Heuertz (Word Made Flesh International Executive Director), (Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 2008) ]

Published articles by WMF staff

* [http://www.lausanneworldpulse.com/urban.php/930/04-2008?pg=all "A Pedagogy of Submission: Reeducating Ourselves to Embody Our Belief in a Good God," by Christopher L. Heuertz (Word Made Flesh International Executive Director) in "The Other Journal", Issue 12, June 2008]

* [http://www.lausanneworldpulse.com/urban.php/929 "The Echo of a Saint: Signs of Hope in a Slum Community," by Christopher L. Heuertz in "Lausanne World Pulse", April 2008]

* [http://www.theotherjournal.com/print.php?id=374 "The Spirit of Francis: A Prophetic Sign of Hope in a Slum Community," by Christopher L. Heuertz in "Lausanne World Pulse", April 2008]

* [http://msainfo.org/articles/a-community-of-the-broken-among-the-brokenan-attempt-at-participating-in-the-incarnation "A Community of the Broken Among the Broken:An Attempt at Participating in the Incarnation," by Christopher L. Heuertz in "Mustard Seed Journey"]

* [http://mustardseedjourney.wordpress.com/2008/01/02/the-new-conspirators-the-broken-among-the-broken/ "Broken Among the Broken" by Chris Heuertz in "Mustard Seed Journey", January 2008]

* [http://theotherjournal.com/article.php?id=281 "The Brothels Are Burning" by Heather Coaster Goertzen (Word Made Flesh Bolivia staff) in "The Other Journal", Issue 10, Fall 2007]

* [http://theotherjournal.com/article.php?id=275 "Communion on the Streets" by Monica Klepac (Word Made Flesh Romania staff) in "The Other Journal", Issue 10, Fall 2007]

* [http://theotherjournal.com/article.php?id=273 "A Spirituality of Gladness, Joy, and Celebration" by Walter Forcatto (Word Made Flesh Argentina staff and South America Regional Coordinator) in "The Other Journal", Issue 10, Fall 2007]

* [http://www.lausanneworldpulse.com/812/09-2007 "Reducing Poverty, Not the Poor: Reclaiming Community with the Victims of Oppression" by Chris Heuertz (Word Made Flesh Executive Director) in "Lausanne World Pulse", September 2007]

* [http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2007/july/9.34.html "From Tower-Dwellers to Travelers," by Emmanuel Katongole (Word Made Flesh USA board member) for the Christian Vision Project in "Christianity Today", July 2007]

* [http://www.asbury.edu/ambassador/images/2007/spring/spring-07-ambassador.pdf "Faces & Names," by Andrea Baker (Word Made Flesh staff in Bolivia) in "The Ambassador", Spring 2007]

* [http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2007/february/36.90.html "A Community of the Broken," by Chris Heuertz for the Christian Vision Project in "Christianity Today", February 2007]

* [http://www.theotherjournal.com/article.php?id=209 "Subverting Evangelicalism" by Chris Heuertz in "The Other Journal", Issue 8]

* [http://www.goodnewsmag.org/magazine/1JanFeb/jf00heuertz.html "Intimate Justice" by Chris Heuertz in "Good News Magazine", Jan/Feb 2000]

* [http://www.theotherjournal.com/article.php?id=134 "Genesis 38" by Heather Coaster in "The Other Journal", Issue 7]

Links to books and articles that mention WMF

* [http://www.burnsidewriterscollective.com/social/2008/01/editors_note_the_author_would.php "Malnutrition in Three Acts" by David A. Zimmerman in "Burnside Writers Collective", January 14, 2008]

* [http://esa-online.org/Images/mmDocument/PRISM%20Archive/Features%202005/MayJun05NewFriars.pdf "The New Friars: The Return of Francis and Clare" by Scott Bessenecker in "PRISM", May-June 2005]

* [http://www.intervarsity.org/news/scott-bessenecker-the-new-friars "The New Friars", Scott Bessenecker]

* [http://www.newmonasticism.org/book/index.html "School(s) for Conversion: 12 Marks of a New Monasticism", The Rutba House]

* [http://www.theotherjournal.com/article.php?id=29 "Trabadores Sexual: A Study of Poverty, Prostitution, and Women With Few Choices" by Ali Keller in "The Other Journal", Issue 3]

* [http://www.sojo.net/index.cfm?action=magazine.article&issue=soj0407&article=040722 "Body and Soul" by Kate Bowman in "Sojourners Magazine", July 2004]

* [http://thegathering.com/_pages2/staticmedia.php?page=../_newsletter/2006/2006-Spring-Many%20Faces%20Of%20India.pdf "Serving Jesus Amidst the Poorest of the Poor," "The Gathering Newsletter: The Many Faces of India", Spring 2006]

* [http://www.goodnewsmag.org/magazine/1JanFeb/jf00heuertz.html "Intimate Justice" in "Good News Magazine", January/February 2000 (vol. 33, no. 4), p. 51.]

"See also"

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* [http://greenarthouse.com/Site/Broken-Beautiful.html Broken-Beautiful art project (featuring photography from Word Made Flesh friends in Sierra Leone)]

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* "An Arm through a Hole" by Agatha Hoff in "San Francisco Attorney", Spring 2007

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