Smudge is an Australian indie / country-rock / power-pop band. Its frontman Tom Morgan is more famous outside Australia as a songwriting collaborator of Evan Dando and his band The Lemonheads. Smudge songs are usually made of ironic, sometimes weird lyrics (note the band's choice of username at myspace, being 'smudgesuck'), easy-catching optimistic (though not euphoretic) harmonies and melodies, and simple sound.


Smudge was formed in 1991, initially only to contribute a song to the Half A Cow 7-inch compilation, "Slice". The band went on to record the "Don't Want To Be Grant McLennan" 7" single which was soon made John Peel's record of the week. On the back of this success, several more releases followed, then in 1994 bassist Paul Duncan left the band to complete his business studies degree and was replaced by former Headache bassist, Adam Yee.

During 1997-1998 the band had two guitars in line-up - Pete Kelly (ex-Disneyfist, Sea Life Park, Decoder Ring) joined the band on second guitar and helped record the album, "Real McCoy, Wrong Sinatra", which is because of that differs in sound and is closer to Pavement or Sonic Youth works.

From late October 1999 till 2002 the band went on an extended hiatus while drummer Alison Galloway went trekking across the world.

The band re-united for a few select Sydney and Melbourne shows at the end of 2004. Forming back in 2004, they have also toured the UK.

Smudge have recently started recording and playing together again. As part of this they are playing at Brisbane's Sounds of Spring Festival on 11 October and 2 shows in Melbourne the following weekend.



* "Manilow" (1994)
* "You, Me, Carpark...Now!" (1996)
* "Mo' Poontang" (1997)
* "Real McCoy, Wrong Sinatra" (1998)

EPs and singles

* "Don't Want To Be Grant McLennan" 7" (1991)
* "Love, Lust & Lemonjuice" (1992)
* "Superhero" (1993)
* "Impractical Joke" (1994)
* "Hot Smoke and Sassafras" (1994)
* "Big City Poontang" (1995)
* "Mike Love Not War" (1996)
* "Slight Return EP" (1996)
* "Eighteen In A Week" (1999)


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