Gino is a male given name, usually of Italian origin, which may refer to the following people:

*Gino Armano
*Gino Bartali
*Gino Bechi
*Gino Bianco
*Gino Boccasile
*Gino Brito
*Gino Bucchino
*Gino Cappelletti
*Gino Capponi
*Gino Cervi
*Gino Cimoli
*Gino Colaussi
*Gino D'Acampo
*Gino De Dominicis
*Gino Esposito
*Gino Fano
*Gino Gallagher
*Gino Graziano
*Gino Hernandez
*Gino Iorgulescu
*Gino Anthony Jorgensen
*Evgeni "Gino" Malkin
*Gino Marchetti
*Gino Matrundola
*Gino J. Merli
*Gino Munaron
*Gino Odjick
*Gino Padula
*Gino Paoli
*Gino Perente
*Gino Pisellini
*Gino Piserchio
*Gino Pivatelli
*Gino Polidori
*Gino Pollini
*Gino Quilico
*Gino Reda
*Gino Sarri
*Gino Severini
*Gino Sinimberghi
*Gino Soccio
*Gino Sovran
*Gino Strada
*Gino Torretta
*Gino Vannelli
*Gino (Singer)

Other uses

* Gino, is sometimes a slang term for a young male of Italian descent, but not always slang. Similar to .
* A nickname for Zilla, the American Godzilla; an acronym for "Godzilla In Name Only".
* An acronym for "Galactica In Name Only," by many fans of the 1978 series "Battlestar Galactica" to describe the 2003 "reimagined" television series of the same name.
*'"Gino" is the nickname of the NBA basketball player Manu Ginobili.
*Gino is also a well known figure in Boston Celtics lore, regarded by some as an unofficial mascot for the team. Whenever the Celtics start to blow out another team in the final minutes of a home game, the PA monitor will project a late 1970s clip from the popular dance program American Bandstand. In this particular episode a bearded young man noticeably dances his tail off. This man is wearing bell bottoms and a shirt -- from musician Gino Vannelli's mid-1970s "Gemini" tour -- that simply says "Gino" on it. He has forever been a cult favorite of Garden fans. A Boston Globe sports columnist created a semi-spoof documentary entitled "Finding Gino" that attempts to track down the man shown in the archival clip, but has yet to meet with success in finding him. The identity of the man was since determined with some certainty by the Wall Street Journal ("'Gino' Fever Grips Boston", June 6, 2008, p. B10). The article identifies him as Joseph R. Massoni, from Southern California, who appeared on this 1977 episode of American Bandstand; he died of pneumonia in 1990 at age 34.
* Ginos (geenohz) are another name for the little balls that form on sweaters and blankets.
* A "Gino" can also refer to a goal in Ice Hockey. Evgeni Malkin of the NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins was nicknamed "Gino" Malkin by his teammates and sportscasters once he became the league's leading point-getter in February of 2008. [ [ Donnie Wahlberg ] ] The name "GINO" can be seen on his stick's player identification label. The reason why a goal is known as a "Gino" is unknown.


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