Prime mover

Prime mover

Prime mover may mean:

In Theology:
* Prime Mover in the Cosmological argument, as a 'first cause' of existence

In railways:
* Prime mover (locomotive), a component of a locomotive

In haulage:
* Prime mover (tractor unit), a structure that provides the motive power to haul a load, as in:
** A Semi-trailer truck in Australian English
** A Ballast tractor
** A military vehicle hauling an artillery piece

In entertainment:
* An episode of "The Twilight Zone", The Prime Mover
* "Prime Mover", the 1987 hit single from Zodiac Mindwarp
* "Prime Mover", the title of a song on Rush's 1987 album "Hold Your Fire".
* "Prime Mover" (videogame), a videogame published by Psygnosis in 1993
* "The Prime Movers", a quasi-omniscient race of alien superbeings in the Buck Godot comic series by Phil Foglio.

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