Parc écologique des Sansonnets

Parc écologique des Sansonnets

Parc écologique des Sansonnets or Parc Sansonnets (English: "Ecological Park of the Starlings") is a forested natural reserve located in Brossard, Quebec. It covers convert|14.1|acre|m2 in the S section of Brossard and is located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Saguenay Avenue and Pelletier Boulevard, adjacent to the residential streets of Sorel and Suède and Saint-Laurent Primary School. Numerous paths that start from these major streets provide access to the inner parts of this park which is a rare example of a mature deciduous forest in the suburbs of Montreal.

This park was officially recognized by the city of Brossard as a natural reserve on September 14, 1981. It was named after a species of bird that is common to this area: "l'étourneau sansonnet" (Common Starling or "Sturnus vulgaris").

The dominant tree in this forest is the Northern Red Oak. Poison ivy occurs in the understorey, along with various species of moss and mushroom. The soil is an imperfectly drained sandy podzol of a type which covers large areas of the St. Lawrence Valley.


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