ETA political-military

ETA political-military

ETA political-military (Spanish: "ETA político-militar", Basque: "ETA politiko-militarra") or ETA (pm) was a faction (quite possibly the majority) of the Basque revolutionary armed organization ETA, which, during Spain's transition to democracy, proposed initially a double political and military type of work, by contrast to "ETA militarra" or ETA(m), which initially wanted to keep the struggle only in the military plane.

In the 1980s, ETA(pm) divided into those who accepted the VII assembly, which sought a way out of armed struggle, and those that did not (ETA VI assembly). The latter, for a time, continued the armed struggle as ETA(pm), and were later incorporated into ETA(m), which thereafter was once again known simply as "ETA".

ETA(pm) - VII assembly, through the mediation of a related political party Euskadiko Ezkerra ("Basque Country Left"), accepted a policy of individual pardons to all members who publicly renounced violence. Many of its former members integrated into Euskadiko Ezkerra, which later fused with the Partido Socialista de Euskadi (PSE), the Basque affiliate of the national PSOE).

"See ETA for more extensive discussion of ETA (pm) and the parallel ETA (m)."

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