Welsh independence

Welsh independence

Welsh independence is an ideal advocated by certain political movements within the Welsh electorate that would like Wales to secede from the United Kingdom and become a sovereign state, repealing the Acts of Union between England and Wales in 1536 and 1543. [ [http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/history/sites/tudors/pages/act_of_union_1543.shtml - BBC Wales History - the Act of Union] ]


Welsh nobleman Owain Glyndŵr lead an unsuccessful revolt ("Welsh Revolt/Glyndŵr Rising") against English rule in 1400. He was proclaimed Prince of Wales by his supporters (the last Welsh native to be given the title), but disappeared 1412.

Revolts stopped when the Welsh-born, Henry VII became king. He was known in Wales as Y Mab Darogan (a Welsh messianic legend, who was destined to force the English out of Britain).


This ideology is politically promoted in the main by the Welsh nationalist party, Plaid Cymru. [cite web|url=http://www.plaidcymru.org/content.php?nID=aims;lID=1|title=Aims : Plaid Cymru - the Party of Wales|publisher=www.plaidcymru.org|accessdate=2008-01-11]


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