Exploring Time

Exploring Time

Exploring Time is a 2-hour TV documentary mini-series about natural time scale changes that aired in 2007 on The Science Channel.

The documentary is a co-production of Twin Cities Public Television, Red Hill Studios, and NHK. It was made possible by a major grant from the National Science Foundation, and produced in association with Arte France and Granada International.

Part/Hour 1

*Introduction to Timescales: Days to Decades
*Decades to Centuries
*Centuries to Thousand of Years
*Thousands of Years to Millions of Years
*Millions to 100s of Millions of Years
*100s of Millions of Years
*Billions of Years, The Lifespan of the Universe

Part/Hour 2

*Introduction to Smaller and Smaller Timescales
*Human Perception of Time, From Days to Hours
*Hours to seconds
*Seconds to Tenths of Seconds
*Tenths of Seconds to Milliseconds
*Milliseconds to Microseconds
*Microseconds to Nanoseconds
*Nanoseconds to Attoseconds
*Attoseconds to Planck Time
*Planck Time, the Shortest Timescale Imaginable


* [http://www.exploringtime.org/ Official Website]

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