Television X

Television X

Infobox TV channel
name= Television X
logoalt=Television X logo since 1995
launch= June 1995
former names= The Fantasy Channel
sister names= Television X 2,3 & 4, Red Hot TV (Group of Eight Channels), Fantasy I & II
timeshift names=
web= []
availability note
terr serv 1=Top Up TV
terr chan 1=Channel 97
terr serv 2=
terr chan 2=
sat serv 1=Sky Digital
sat chan 1=Channels 903, 904 (TVX2), 924 (TVX3) & 913(TVX4)
sat serv 2=
sat chan 2=
cable serv 1=Virgin Media
cable chan 1=On Demand

Television X is an adult television channel in the UK.

Television X Girls

Girls contracted to Television X in 2008 include Lolly Badcock, Carmel Moore, Michelle Barrett, Suzie Best, Cathy Barry,Amber Leigh,Renee Richards and Donna Marie.

In March 2008 glamour model Sammie Pennington was introduced as the new face and body of Television X.

In June 2008 the new glamour model Sophie Price was introduced as the new face and body of Television X.


Television X advertises itself as showing all that it can show, but due to UK television censorship, the amount that can be shown is less than that of hardcore pornography. Whilst full nudity can be shown, as can sexual intercourse, the limit to what the viewer can actually see means that Television X cannot show:-

* Direct eyeline of penetration. This includes any part of the body being penetrated by anything.
* Erections. Subsequently ejaculation cannot be shown directly and is usually shown with the camera is facing something else (i.e. an actresses face)
* Direct tongue to genital (or tongue to anal) contact. In the case of fellatio the view is normally blocked by an arm, a leg, or the act is filmed from behind. In the case of cunnilingus, a 'top down' view can be used, but a direct view of the tongue touching the vagina is never shown.
* Direct touching of the naked erect penis

As a result of these restrictions, programming tends to be reliant on drawn out situations, restrictive camera angles and the actors / actress constantly describing the current activity to compensate for the viewer not actually being allowed to see it.

Other names

It was also known as "The Fantasy Channel" for a long time, although it has since dropped that name. Television X is also known under the abbreviation TVX.

External links

* [ Official site]
* [ Television X - UK TV Listings and Schedules]

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