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Studio e.go!

Studio e.go! is a current Japanese eroge company which produce fantasy games of various genres for computers, including console-style RPG, SRPG, and ADV ("Choose your own adventure"). The cutscenes are illustrated by Yamamoto Kazue, whose work continues to develop in games such as "Vagrants", "My Fair Angel" and "Castle Fantasia". Since most of their PC games are for a Japanese-only market, Studio e.go are more or less unheard-of in the west, but English patches have been produced by some fans.

Some products were officially translated to Traditional Chinese between 1999 and 2001 and because they were intended to all ages, the H-scenes inside the story were modified or deleted. Taiwan Symbio was the official distributor of Chinese versions.

The company uses a fat sparrow named "Debo" as its mascot.

Game List

*Castle Fantasia (1998)
*Castle Fantasia 2 - Seima Taisen (1998)
*Men at Work! (1999)
* Pythian (1999)
*Kurenai no Namida (1999)
* (2000)
*Twin way (2000)
*Men at Work! 2 - Welcome to Hunter Academy (2000)
*Castle Fantasia 2 - Seima Taisen (2000, Renewal)
*Aozameta Tsuki no Hikari (2001)
*My Fair Angel (2001)
*Working Days (2001, Originally published by Blue Impact)
*Izumo (2001)
*Yuki no Tokeru koro ni (2002)
*Wind of Ebenbourg (2002)
* (2002)
* (2002, aka "Ai to Seishun no Hunter Gakuen" in PS2 version)
*Natsu Kagura (2003)
* (2003, Renewal)
*Gakupara!! (2003, Gakuen Paradise)
* Vagrants (2003)
*Maou no Musume tachi (2004)
*Izumo 2 (2004, aka "Takeki Tsurugi no Senki" in anime and PS2 version for all ages)
*Kaze no Keishosha (2004, Successor of Wind)
*Hitogata Ruins (2004)
*Oni Kagura (2005)
*Izumo Zero (2005)
* (2005, Renewal)
*Debo no Subako (2005)
*Angel's Feather (2005)
* (2005) (anime was made of this game)(PS2 Version of This Game Also Called Angel's Featjher Kuro no Zanei)(Blue Impact).
* (2006)
*Men at Work! 4 (2006)
*Mikokon (2006)
*Okaeshi Bisuto! (2006)
*Aozora Magica!! (2006)
*Trouble Days (2007)
*Izumo 3 (2007)
*X-vain (2007)
*Tsuki Kagura (2007)
*Little Piece Vol.1 (Fall in 28/03/2008)
*Little Piece Vol.2 (Fall in 30/05/2008)
*Eternal Kingdom ~to destroy the Witch and the legendary sword~(NEW NAME!!)Saint Sword Avirion ~Of being ruined it was lost with witch kingdom~(Old Name)(25/7/2008)
*Little Piece Vol.3 (Unknown Date... Fall in 2008)
*Lust Princess Elf~Aussault two fallen princess Chita~ (Fall in 31/10/2008)
*White Shadow (Unknown Date... Fall in 2008(maybe)) (Blue Impact)
*Castle Fantasia Silver Knight (キャッスルファンタジア 白銀の騎士) (Unknown Date... Fall in 2010(maybe))

PS2 Version Game List

In Order of Release (Not sure the dates)
*IZUMO Complete (For this game are two version of the Cover...)
*Ai to Seishun no Hunter Gakuen (For this game are two Version of the Cover...)
* (Or Takeki ken no Hirameki in anothers Versions)
* (Made from the original Game of Debo's no Subako)
* (PS2 version of IZUMO 2: Rhapsody of Campus)

Dreamcast Version Game List

On the webpage appeared a "Coming Soon", was supose to be 3 games, and only 2 was released for the Sega Dreamcast the same year.

* (Released 2004-01-22)
*Izumo (Released 2004-01-22)

Anime/Hentai Original Story

Most of the games was adapted into a series of TV or OVA's, Some of them never licensed.In Order of Release:

* IZUMO THE BEST COMPLETE Edition (Between 2003-01-25 to 2004-10-25. In 2005-01-25 Two Years later, was release IZUMO THE COMPLETE Edition)
* Castle Fantasia: Seima Taisen (Between 2003-04-25 to 2003-10-25)
* Wind of Ebenbourg
* Izumo: Takeki Tsurugi no Senki (Aired on TV Between 2005-04-03 to 2005-06-19)
* Angel's Feather (2006-04-28)

Other Products

The merchandise is very varied, ranging from the OST own games (Many of them are (or was) composed by Angel Note and some of openings and Endings from the Games are performed by Candy (and some write by herself)) or until Artbooks Fanbooks from the games.Some of this are published for various company, and in much of cases, not for itself.


Are 2 Sub-company from Studio E.go!, one of them are Blue Impact, BL Game producer and publisher, who made Angel's Feather, are in still production of White Shadow, and was the publisher of Working Days in 2001.

*White Shadow
*Angel's Feather~Mono Hot Springs~(Tentative)
*Angel's Feather -Kuro no Zanei- (The PS2 Version of The Original Game 15+)
*Angel's Feather -Kohaku no Hitomi- (These game was the 18+ Version of the Original Angel's Feather)
*Angel's Feather (These release was 15+ Game)

Kuritenzu (KU-RITE-NZU) 「くーるびーんず] Are the developer and publisher of the OST and CD Drama of Studio E.go! and Blue Impact Games, a subdivision of the original company.

*Kagura Souenshu (神楽奏演集)
*Amakagura & Jankagura Original SoundTrack(天神楽・雀神楽 オリジナルサウンドトラック)
*Studio E.go! Vocal Collection Vol.1
*Studio E.go! Vocal Collection Vol.2
*Men at Work! 1~4 Complete Soundtrack Collection (オリジナルサウンドトラック 「メンアットワーク!」1~4 コンプリート!)
*IZUMO 2 Original Soundtrack Collection CD COMPLETE BOX(IZUMO2 猛き剣の閃記 キャラクターソング&ドラマCD COMPLETE BOX)

Another releases:These are published before releases of IZUMO 2 Original Soundtrack Collection CD COMPLETE BOX.

*IZUMO2 猛き剣の閃記 キャラクターソング&ドラマCD vol.4
*IZUMO2 猛き剣の閃記 キャラクターソング&ドラマCD vol.3
*IZUMO2 猛き剣の閃記 キャラクターソング&ドラマCD vol.2
*IZUMO2 猛き剣の閃記 キャラクターソング&ドラマCD vol.1
*IZUMO & IZUMO 2 Original Soundtrack

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