Baddoke Cheema

Baddoke Cheema

Baddoke Cheema is a village of Sialkot District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It consists of two sub villages Sabke Cheema and Baddoke Cheema.

It is located nearly 10 km away from Daska.It is the union council of Sambrial Tehsil and is responsible for many progressive activites. Previously it was the part of Daska Tehsil, a famous seasonal lake "Aaik" passes near to it. Agriculture is livelihood of most of the residents and few people earn their living by working abroad specially middle east.One hospital and an high school in this village serves as health and educational centers for many villages around. This village is blessed with the tomb of Hazrat Boota Ghumman and Baba Niaz Din,this Darbar (tomb) is the gathering place for many people specially older one from the village.Anuually many people come to this village to celebrate the Urs .Facilities like natural Gas,Telephone and Cellular coverage are available.There is another famous lake(soowa) that is extraced from the famous canal Upper Chanab also passes nearby.Peaople from this village are well educated and a famous hospital(Family Hospital) in Daska is built and operated by a Doctor (Doc. Tahir) from this village.Muhammad hussain Numberdar (Late),Muhammad Azam Cheema,Luqman Azam Cheema,Usman Azam Cheema belongs to one of the key families in this village. Qasim Cheema is the Nazim who has helped greatly in building a new road to this village, This road starts from Warsalke on Daska-Sambrial road and is driven along side the soowa and reaches Baddoke Cheema. This village is also accessible from Gadiala on Daska-Sambrial Road,Jamke Cheema,Motra and Khlorian.

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