PBM Mariner

PBM Mariner

infobox Aircraft
name = PBM Mariner
type = flying boat
manufacturer = Martin

caption = An Australian Mariner in 1944
designer =
first flight = 18 February 1939
introduced = September 1940
retired =
status =
primary user = United States Navy
more users = United States Coast Guard Royal Air Force Royal Australian Air Force Royal Netherlands Navy
produced =
number built = 1,285
unit cost =
developed from =
variants with their own articles = P5M Marlin

The Martin PBM Mariner was a patrol bomber flying boat of World War II and the early Cold War period. It was designed to complement the PBY Catalina in service. 1,366 were built, with the first example flying on February 18 1939 and the type entering service in September 1940.

Design and development

The aircraft was fitted with five gun turrets and bomb bays that were in the engine nacelles. The gull wing was of cantilever design, and featured clean aerodynamics with an unbraced twin tail. The PBM-1 was equipped with retractable wing landing floats that were hinged inboard, like the Catalina. The PBM-3 had fixed floats, and the fuselage was three feet longer than that of the PBM-1.

The British Royal Air Force acquired 32 Mariners, but they were not used operationally. Some were returned to the United States Navy, and twelve were transferred to the Royal Australian Air Force for transporting troops and cargo.

The Dutch Navy acquired seventeen PBM-5A Mariners at the end of 1955 for service in former Dutch New Guinea. The PBM-5A was an amphibian plane with retractable landing gear. The engines were 2100 hp Pratt & Whitney R-2800-34. After several incidents the Dutch scrapped the aircraft in January 1960.


* Argentine Navy;AUS
* Royal Australian Air Force;NLD
* Dutch Naval Aviation Service - PBM-5A (1955-1960);USA
* United States Navy
* United States Coast Guard [cite web | title =Martin PBM-3/5 Mariner | publisher =United States Coast Guard | month =January | year =2003 | url =http://www.uscg.mil/history/WEBAIRCRAFT/AC_Martin_PBM.html | accessdate =2007-08-01] ;UK
* Royal Air Force

pecifications (PBM-1)

aircraft specifications

plane or copter?=plane
jet or prop?=prop
ref=Jane’s Fighting Aircraft of World War IIRef Jane's|The Martin Model 162 Mariner|245]
length main=77 ft 2 in
length alt=23.50 m
span main=118 ft 0 in
span alt=36 m
height main=17 ft 6 in
height alt=5.33 m
area main=1,408 ft²
area alt=131 m²
empty weight main=33,175 lb
empty weight alt=15,048 kg
loaded weight main=56,000 lb
loaded weight alt=25,425 kg
useful load main=
useful load alt=
max takeoff weight main=
max takeoff weight alt=
engine (prop)=Wright R-2600-12
type of prop=14-cylinder radial engines
number of props=2
power main=1,700 hp
power alt=1,300 kW
max speed main=178 knots
max speed alt=205 mph, 330 km/h
cruise speed main=
cruise speed alt=
stall speed main=
stall speed alt=
never exceed speed main=
never exceed speed alt=
range main=2,600 nm
range alt=3,000 mi, 4,800 km
ceiling main=19,800 ft
ceiling alt=6,040 m
climb rate main=800 ft/min
climb rate alt=4.1 m/s
loading main=
loading alt=
power/mass main=
power/mass alt=
guns= 8 × .50 in machine guns (two each in: nose, dorsal and tail turrets, one each in blisters amidships )
bombs=4,000 lb (1,800 kg) of bombs or depth charges or 2 × Mark 13 torpedoes

ee also

* Flight 19aircontent
* P5M Marlin
similar aircraft=
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