Beis Yaakov Primary School

Beis Yaakov Primary School

Beis Yaakov Primary School is a voluntary-aided primary school, for girls aged 3 to 11 from Orthodox Jewish families, situated in north-west London. It is the largest Jewish primary school for girls in the United Kingdom.


The school was set up in 1972 to serve the needs of growing chareidi community of Golders Green. Originally it occupied premises on Finchley Road. When it outgrew these premises it moved to its present location in Colindale. It is maintained by the London Borough of Barnet, although the premises are located just over the borough boundary, in Brent, .

The school became a voluntary aided Local Authority School in 1997, as the girls' section of Pardes House & Beis Yaakov Primary School. [ [ Statutory Instrument 1999 No. 2432 ] ] In 2000 it demerged and became a voluntary aided school in its own right.

The first Head Teacher was Edith Rothschild (1972- 1994). She was succeeded by the current holder of the position, Caroline Scharfer.

The current pupil roll (2007) is 480.


The school is associated with the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations. Its Rabbinical Adviser is Rabbi Chaim Halpern.

The ethos of the school is to equip its pupils with a love of Torah, good "middos" (character traits) and the knowledge and confidence which will ultimately enable the to take their place in the community.

It affiliates with the Beis Yaakov ideology of chareidi girls' schools.


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