Service request management

Service request management

A key component of an actionable ITIL service catalog, service request management (SRM) is the underlying workflow and processes that enable an IT procurement or service request to be reliably submitted, routed, approved, monitored and delivered. SRM is the process of managing a service request through its lifecycle from submission through delivery and follow-up.

SRM may be manual or automated. In a manual system, a user calls a help desk to request a service, and help desk personnel create a service ticket to route the service request. In an automated system, the user submits a request through an online service catalog, and the application software automatically routes the request through the appropriate processes for approval and service delivery. These systems also typically enable users to track the status of their service requests, and management to monitor service delivery levels for quality control purposes.

Service Request software providers

* Service Request Management and Service Catalog delivered via SaaS -

* CA Unicenter Service Catalog -

* Biomni Request Management -

* [ Oracle Siebel]
* [ Kinetic Data]
* newScale RequestCenter -

* [ Serena]
* [ BMC]
* [ IBM]
* [ PMG]
* [ Integrify]
* [ PlanMill PSA]


* [ Request Fulfillment - Managing Service Requests According to ITIL® v3]
* [ Service Catalog blog]
* [ The Eight Essential Elements of an IT Service Lifecycle]

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