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Jonas Quinn is a fictional character in the science fiction television series "Stargate SG-1", portrayed by Corin Nemec. He is a native of Kelowna, a nation on another planet locked in a cold war with two rival states, and replaces Daniel Jackson as a member of SG-1 in season 6 after Daniel's ascension. Jonas proves to be a quick study; Dr. Fraiser determined that he could absorb a great amount of knowledge in a small amount of time, aided by his photographic memory. Even though it takes time for Jonas to truly be accepted into SG-1, he manages to earn everyone's respect, including Colonel O'Neill's.

Role in "Stargate"

Character arc

Jonas Quinn, a scientist of the nation of Kelowna on the planet Langara, is introduced in the penultimate season 5 episode "Meridian". The Kelownans are experimenting with naqahdriah to build powerful weapons against their neighboring nations, and when the Kelownan leaders respond with glee to the imminent naqahdriah radiation death of SG-1 team member Daniel Jackson, who tried to prevent a catastrophe in Kelowna, Jonas steals a small amount of naqahdriah and offers it to Stargate Command (SGC) for more peaceful uses. [cite episode |title=Meridian |episodelink=Meridian (Stargate SG-1) |series=Stargate SG-1 |serieslink=Stargate SG-1 |credits=Will Waring |writers=Robert C. Cooper |network=Showtime |season=5 |number=21] In the season 6 premiere "Redemption", Jonas helps Major Samantha Carter find a solution to save Earth from an attack by Anubis. Colonel Jack O'Neill feels that following Daniel's death, SG-1 can still operate with only three members, but General George Hammond demands him to find a new fourth SG-1 member to provide an alternate viewpoint. Partly to prevent a Russian from becoming a member of SG-1, O'Neill allows Jonas to join the team. [cite episode |title=Redemption |episodelink=Redemption (Stargate SG-1) |series=Stargate SG-1 |serieslink=Stargate SG-1 |credits=Martin Wood |writers=Robert C. Cooper |network=SCI FI |season=6 |number=1 & 2]

After several missions with SG-1, Jonas is confronted with his past in "Shadow Play". While several Kelownans wish to re-establish trade relations with Earth, Jonas meets his former professor and good friend, and learns that prolonged exposure to small amounts of naqahdriah causes schizophrenia. [cite episode |title=Shadow Play |episodelink=Shadow Play (Stargate SG-1) |series=Stargate SG-1 |serieslink=Stargate SG-1 |credits=Peter DeLuise |writers=Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie |network=SCI FI |season=6 |number=7] The Goa'uld Nirrti captures SG-1 in "Metamorphosis" and experiments on them using an Ancient DNA Resequencer. She finds out that Jonas is different from other humans, but she is killed before this is further investigated. [cite episode |title=Metamorphosis |episodelink=Metamorphosis (Stargate SG-1) |series=Stargate SG-1 |serieslink=Stargate SG-1 |credits=Peter DeLuise |writers=Jacqueline Samuda and James Tichenor |network=SCI FI |season=6 |number=15] Nirrti's experiments cause Jonas to have visions of the future in "Prophecy", and a potentially lethal tumor is removed from Jonas' brain. [cite episode |title=Prophecy |episodelink=Prophecy (Stargate SG-1) |series=Stargate SG-1 |serieslink=Stargate SG-1 |credits=Will Waring |writers=Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie |network=SCI FI |season=6 |number=21] A month-long search for a lost city first mentioned in "Full Circle" leads SG-1 to a planet where they find the de-ascended Daniel in the season 7 premiere "Fallen"/"Homecoming". Daniel joins SG-1 on a mission to undo Anubis's gain of power from "Full Circle" and they later succeed in driving Anubis away from Kelowna. While Jonas decides to become a peace negotiator for his people on the Joint Ruling Council and leaves Earth, Daniel rejoins SG-1. [cite episode |title=Fallen |episodelink=Fallen (Stargate SG-1) |series=Stargate SG-1 |serieslink=Stargate SG-1 |credits=Martin Wood |writers=Robert C. Cooper |network=SCI FI |season=7 |number=1] [cite episode |title=Homecoming |episodelink=Homecoming (Stargate SG-1) |series=Stargate SG-1 |serieslink=Stargate SG-1 |credits=Martin Wood |writers=Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie |network=SCI FI |season=7 |number=2]

Jonas returns one last time to the SGC in season 7's "Fallout". Jonas asks his former teammates to work on a plan to save his homeworld from the destructive powers of naqahdriah in the planet's core. [cite episode |title=Fallout |episodelink=Fallout (Stargate SG-1) |series=Stargate SG-1 |serieslink=Stargate SG-1 |credits=Martin Wood |writers=Corin Nemec, Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie |network=SCI FI |season=7 |number=14] Jonas's homeworld is last mentioned in season 10's Counterstrike" to have been conquered by the Ori. [cite episode |title=Counterstrike |episodelink=Counterstrike (Stargate SG-1) |series=Stargate SG-1 |serieslink=Stargate SG-1 |credits=Martin Wood |writers=Corin Nemec, Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie |network=SCI FI |season=7 |number=14
* Carter: "Meanwhile, we received word that five more planets have fallen to the Ori, including Hebridan and Langara."
] Producer Joseph Mallozzi answered a fan question about Jonas's fate in his blog, saying that "in [his] mind, Jonas went underground and is still alive somewhere, resisting the Ori army." [cite web |last=Mallozzi |first=Joseph |authorlink=Joseph Mallozzi |url= |title=September 3, 2007 | |date=September 3, 2007 |accessdate=2008-09-26]


According to producer Joseph Mallozzi before the airing of season 6, "Jonas will bring a unique alien perspective and ability to the team. In particular, this 'ability' will allow him to contribute in areas of expertise usually owned by Sam and Daniel. ... Jonas will take a heat off Sam in particular, allowing her to open up a little more." ,]

Relationship to teammates

Carter is the one of the three SG-1 members Jonas Quinn feels most comfortable around, and Jonas hopes that she and Teal'c can persuade O'Neill to give him a chance to prove himself worthy of a place on the team.Cite journal |last=Eramo |first=Steven |author-link= | title=Amanda Tapping – Tapping Aloud – Major Carter |publisher=TV Zone |issue=Special #46 |pages=14–18 |month=July |year=2002] However, according to Richard Dean Anderson, "O'Neill feels that Jonas is directly responsible for the demise or at least the damaging of Daniel Jackson. [...] As a result, he harbours some resentment towards Jonas. [At the end of "Redemption",] O'Neill has finally come to the point of accepting Jonas but not enirely. [...] O'Neill is suspicious of aliens in general. The only exception is Teal'c [...] and O'Neill refuses to or isn't able to forget that Jonas is an alien." According to Amanda Tapping, "there is a hesitancy on [Carter] 's part to be too familiar with Jonas. [...] She is not to make this big emotional investment in Jonas because he's not Daniel. [...] In some ways, Jonas has inadvertently brought the three [remaining SG-1 members] closer together."Corin Nemec thought that "the writers hit the nail on the head in starting the season off" with a prolongued transistion stage, and Jonas's "easy-going nature" later "help [s] him establish relationships not only with his fellow teammates but also Dr Fraiser and General Hammond, who according to Nemec is "very much a father figure in Jonas's eyes". However, Anderson was convinced that "O'Neill is [nevertheless not] going to warm up to Jonas very much at all", something which Nemec felt "makes things much more interesting".


At the end of season 5, Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson) decided to leave "Stargate SG-1" for concerns over being under-utilized.Cite journal |last=Eramo |first=Steven |author-link= | title=Richard Dean Anderson – Mr Anderson – Colonel O'Neill |publisher=TV Zone |issue=Special #46 |pages=4–9 |month=July |year=2002] Some casting people from the SciFi Channel, who were looking to fill the void with a new character, happened to walk through the courtyard of MGM's Santa Monica offices where Corin Nemec was at the day. They briefly mentioned "Stargate" to him, and the same afternoon Nemec's manager called Nemec to tell him they were interested in him. Since Nemec had never watched "Stargate SG-1" up until that time (he was familiar with the "Stargate" film though), he was sent some videotapes of the show and had some more meetings until he was finally cast as Jonas Quinn for the penultimate season 5 episode "Meridian". Everyone agreed to wait and see how the character looked on film before deciding on longterm involvements, but MGM liked what they saw.Cite journal |last=Eramo |first=Steven |author-link= | title=Corin Nemec – Jonas Quinn |publisher=TV Zone |issue=Special #46 |pages=22–26 |month=July |year=2002]

A November 2001 newsletter by MGM Sci-Fi Newsletter announced Corin Nemec to play the role of Liandersic Quinn in "Meridian". [] Before that, Brad Wright had already dropped hints about the character and that it will be someone whom fans will recognize. [] Joseph Mallozzi later stated in an online chat that Nemec's character appears in all of the new season's first five episodes. []

The season 6 opening two-parter "Redeption" is meant to establish that the new character can contribute ideas and be a team player. Writer Robert C. Cooper also felt it was important to acknowledge and not "trivialize what the [Daniel Jackson] character meant to the team and to the show for five seasons".Cite journal |last=Eramo |first=Steven |author-link= | title=Season Six Preview – Coming up, on SG-1... |publisher=TV Zone |issue=Special #46 |pages=66–76 |month=July |year=2002] The producers based Jonas's motivation to join SG-1 on his former reluctance to shut off the machine that would indirectly kill Daniel, and his feelings of responsibility of Daniel's death.

By the middle of the sixth season, Don S. Davis felt that "Jonas has been slowly integrated into the story. It won't be long until he's a seamless part of the mix." Nemec would not have minded continuing to play Jonas Quinn after the sixth season, like in a feature film or a spin-off series. However, terms of a new contract were reached with Michael Shanks for Daniel to return in at the end of the season, so the role of Jonas was reduced to "recurring" in season 7. []


Richard Dean Anderson was impressed with his short experience with Nemec in "Meridian", saying "He really struck me as a bright guy, very respectful of the dynamic of the set, but with an awareness of what he wanted to bring. He's a great addition." Producer Brad Wright added that "What Corin, as Jonas, will bring to the show is a renewed sense of amazement at the fact that we're crossing the galaxy in a single step [through a stargate] . It's still a profound and amazing thing that's happening, no matter how accustomed our characters are to it.",1002,274|74088|1|,00.html]

Corin Nemec came on board amid controversy. [] At the beginning of season 6, producer Joseph Mallozzi admitted to still get the "odd incoherent rambling death threat passed along to me from the [Save Daniel Jackson] site." Although "there's been quite a bit of ire directed by fans towards Daniel's replacement" after the airing of "Meridian", Robert C. Cooper hoped that they would like the character in the end.

Don S. Davis noted during the filming of season 6 that "Corin is a wonderful young man with a tremendous personality and he's had a great deal of experience in the business. He's well-liked by everyone and is doing a fine job."Cite journal |last=Eramo |first=Steven |author-link= | title=Don S. Davis – The Don – General Hammond |publisher=TV Zone |issue=Special #46 |pages=30–33 |month=July |year=2002] Robert C. Cooper thought that "Corin has done a wonderful job".


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