Public safety network

Public safety network

A public safety network is a wireless communications network used by emergency services organizations, such as police, fire and emergency medical services, to prevent or respond to incidents that harm or endanger persons or property.

Many municipalities are turning to mobile computing and other networked applications to improve the efficiency of their workforce, including public safety personnel and first responders. [citepaper|title=Wireless Mesh Networks for Public Safety|url=||accessdate=2008-02-27] Consequently, public safety workers are increasingly being equipped with wireless laptops, handheld computers, and mobile video cameras to improve their efficiency, visibility, and ability to instantly collaborate with central command, coworkers and other agencies. Video surveillance cameras and unattended sensors are becoming important tools to extend the eyes and ears of public safety agencies. A pilot study along the US-Mexico border uses a wireless mesh network. [citeweb|title=Mesh Network Bolsters Border Security|url=||accessdate=2008-02-27]

The need to access and share this vital new flow of data and images is driving investments in a new kind of network: broadband wireless mesh networks using Wi-Fi, WiMAX, and 4.9 GHz public safety radio frequencies. These networks are metropolitan or regional in scope, can maintain connections with highly mobile workers, deliver large amounts of low-cost bandwidth with extremely high reliability, and support real-time video, voice and data.

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*IEEE 802.11
*Mesh networking
*Municipal broadband
*Public safety
*Switched mesh
*Wireless LAN
*Wireless network


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* [ Yuba/Sutter/Colusa Tri-County Public Safety Network] - Live scanner feed broadcast from the Central Sacramento Valley in California

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