Skiing and snowboarding on film and video

Skiing and snowboarding on film and video

Skiing has been recorded on film since at least the 1910s, but did not work its way into Hollywood features until the 1930s, when it began to be popular as a leisure activity in the United States. Snowboarding's entry onto the screen paralleled its rise to popularity in the late 1980s and early '90s.

Beginning with Warren Miller's self-financed film "Deep and Light" in the 1949, there emerged a tradition of documentary films about skiing, skiers, and the ski lifestyle, shot in various locations around the world and featuring the best skiers of the day. Though not distributed through normal film channels, these movies have long been screened in ski town theaters and bars and, more recently, distributed on video and DVD.

kiing and snowboarding in mainstream films

The following is an attempt at a comprehensive list of films about skiing and snowboarding, or featuring skiing or snowboarding scenes.


*"Dusty Ermine" (1936)
*"Ski Patrol" (1940)
*"Ski Troop Attack" (1960)
*"The Heroes of Telemark" (1965)
*"Footsteps in the Snow" (1966)
*"The Double Man" (1967)
*"The Devil's Brigade" (1968)
*"On Her Majesty's Secret Service" (1969)
*"Snow Job" (1972)
*"Runaway!" (1973)
*"The Ultimate Thrill" (1974)
*"The Spy Who Loved Me" (1977)
*"For Your Eyes Only" (1981)
*"The Soldier" (1982)
*"A View to a Kill" (1985)
*"Jing cha gu shi IV: Jian dan ren wu" (aka " or "Jackie Chan's First Strike") (1995)
*"Hamilton" (1998)
*"The World Is Not Enough" (1999)
*"Extreme Ops" (2002)
*"XXX" (2002)
*"Deep Shock" (2003)
*"Taxi 3" (2003)


*"Davey and Goliath's Snowboard Christmas" (2005)


*"Der Große Sprung" (aka "The Big Jump" or "The Great Leap") (1927)
*"Schlitz on Mount Washington" (1935)
*"Thin Ice (1937)
*"Paradise for Three" (1938)
*"Dollar" (1938)
*"Sun Valley Serenade" (1941)
*"Two-Faced Woman" (1941)
*"Hit the Ice" (1943)
*"Les Amours de Blanche Neige" (1947)
*"The Pink Panther" (1963)
*"Help!" (1965)
*"Winter A-Go-Go" (1965)
*"Ski Fever" (1966)
*"Après-ski" (aka "Snowballin"') (1971)
*"Snowball Express" (1972)
*"Beim Jodeln juckt die Lederhose" (aka "There's No Sex Like Snow Sex") (1974)
*"Sunnyboy und Sugarbaby" (1979)
*"Les Bronzés font du ski" (1979)
*"The Four Seasons" (1981)
*"Hot Dog... The Movie" (1984)
*"Snowballing" (1984)
*"Better Off Dead" (1985)
*"Watashi o ski ni tsurete itte" (aka "Take Me Out to the Snowland") (1987)
*"Ski Patrol" (1990)
*"Ski School" (1991)
*"Dumb and Dumber" (1994)
*"Ski Hard" (aka "Downhill Willie") (1995)
*"Ski School 2" (1995)
*"Snowboard Academy" (1996)
*"Extreme Days" (2001)
*"Out Cold" (2001)
*"The Ice Dream" (2002)
*"Agent Cody Banks" (2003)
*"Snow Job" (aka "Winter Break") (2003)
*"Peak Experience" (aka "Lost Lake") (2003)
*"" (2004)
*"Extreme Dating" (2004)
*"Snowfever" (2004)
*"Water to Wine" (2004)
*"Frostbite" (2005)
*"Swamper" (2005)


*"Put Your Cares on Ice" (1919)
*"Se Norge" (1929)
*"14 jours en France" (aka "Grenoble") (1968)
*"Die Große Ekstase des Bildschnitzers Steiner" (aka "The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner") (1974)
*"The Man Who Skied Down Everest" (1975)
*"The Sword of the Lord" (1976)
*"Different Slopes" (1979)
*"Aspen" (1991)
*"Ski Bums" (2001)
*"Spirit of Snow (2002)
*"Bode Miller: Flying Downhill" (2005)
*"First Descent" (2005)
*"Trulli Love" (2005)
*"Au: A Snowboarding Film" (2005)
*"Snow Blind" (2006)
*"The Pipe Dream" (2006)
*"Thermos" (2006)
*"Let It Ride: The Craig Kelly Story" (2007)


*"Spellbound" (1945)
*"Winter Wonderland" (1947)
*"Swiss Tour" ("Four Days Leave") (1950)
*"Snow Treasure" (1968)
*"Downhill Racer" (1969)
*"The Ski Bum" (1971)
*"The Other Side of the Mountain" (1975)
*"Just a Little Inconvenience" (1977)
*"The Other Side of the Mountain II" (1978)
*"Swan Song" (1980)
*"Going for the Gold: The Bill Johnson Story" (1985)
*"Striker's Mountain" (1985)
*"True Colors" (1991)
*"Aspen Extreme" (1993)
*"Winterschläfer" (aka "Wintersleepers") (1997)
*"Friends & Lovers" (1999)
*"Avalanche Alley" (2001)
*"Familie" (2001)
*"Getting There" (2002)
*"Stolen Good" (2002)
*"Crazy Canucks" (2004)
*"Last Holiday" (2006)
*"La Science des rêves" (aka "The Science of Sleep") (2006)
*"White Air" (2006)
*"Switch" (2007)


*"Snowbeast" (1977)
*"Iced" (1988)
*"Shredder" (2003)
*"Ice Queen" (2005)
*"Scarce" (2008)

ki films and videos

*"Der weiße Rausch" (aka "Ski Chase" or '"The White Intoxication") (1931)
*various Warren Miller movies (1949 – present)
*various Greg Stump movies (1985 – 1994)
*various Steve Winter movies (1980s – present)
*"Feuer und Eis" (aka "Fire and Ice) (1986)
*"Feuer, Eis & Dynamit" (aka "Fire, Ice & Dynamite") (1990)
*various movies by Teton Gravity Research, Matchstick Productions, Poor Boyz Productions, etc. (1990s – present)

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