List of Polish gminas

List of Polish gminas

This is a list of all 2,478 gminas of Poland (sometimes called communes or municipalities). For more information about what these are and how they are named, see the article on gminas. Note that some gminas in different parts of the country have identical names.

The following information is provided for each gmina in the list:

  • type (an urban gmina consists of one city or town, an urban-rural gmina consists of a town and neighbouring rural areas, a rural gmina has no town);
  • county (powiat) in which the gmina is located (urban gminas denoted city county are towns which have powiat status in their own right);
  • voivodeship (province) in which the gmina is located;
  • area of the gmina, in square kilometres;
  • population as of 2006.
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