P-27 are a Swiss rap group from Basel, Switzerland. They came out with the very first rap track that featured rhymes in Swiss German, on the song "Murder by Dialect" (1991) featuring Black Tiger, featured on the second Fresh Stuff compilation. The first album Overdose Funk followed the same year. Lyrics were partly in English, partly in Swiss German. Their second album Jetzt funkt's aa came out in 1994, without Scen, who had left the band, but with a complete funk-band in the background. The album also and rather atypically for Swiss German rap also contains raps in Standard German. As Swiss German rap really became popular between 1997 and 1999, they dropped a third album in 2000, which was mostly unrecognized.

P-27's members are

  • Scen (only on the first album),
  • Skelt,
  • Tron,
  • DJ Radikkal.
  • MC Tobi M-funk


  • 1991 Overdose Funk
  • 1994 Jetzt funkt's aa
  • 2000 Dr einzig Wäg

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