Perception (TV series)

Perception (TV series)

Perception was an early evening quiz programme which was produced by Granada Television and aired on the ITV network for 1 series in 1989, the programme was hosted by Alison Holloway.


Each week 2 couples competed against each other for the chance to win £2000.

The contestants had to identify various images including household items and place names from warped pictures and other video distorted images.

The couple who had the most points at the end of the game won through to the end game for a chance of winning £2000 the losing couple went away with a Perception 'goody bag'.

The End Game

The winning couple had 60 seconds to identify 5 mystery items filmed in close up by a camera in each chamber were the objects are placed and each item identified correctly won them £200 but if they got all 5 correct they won the £2000 otherwise they won the amount of money earned before the time ran out.

The programme aired on a Thursday evening at 7.30pm in most of the ITV regions but in the Scottish, Grampian & Ulster regions it aired at 6.30pm on a Tuesday evening.

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