Black (disambiguation)

Black (disambiguation)

Black is both a color and scientifically speaking the absence of color.

Black may also refer to:
* Black people (classification)
* Black (surname), various people named Black
* 'Black' in Chess terminology, the designation for the player who moves second in chess, the color of the pieces conducted by that player, and the color of the dark-colored squares on a chessboard. See White and Black in chess.
* Black, Alabama, United States
* Black (Bangladeshi band)
* Black (crater), a lunar crater
* Black (English band), from Liverpool
* "Black" (film), 2005 Hindi movie
* Black (horse), referring to a coat color of horses.
* "Black" (play), by Joyce Carol Oates
*"The Blacks" (play), by Jean Genet
* "Black" (song), by Pearl Jam from the album "Ten"
* "Black" (video game) (2006), by Criterion Software
* "Black", Sevendust's first song from their 1997 album Sevendust.
* "Black No.1 (Little Miss Scare-All)", a song by Type O Negative on the album Bloody Kisses
* "Black", a novel in the "Circle Trilogy" by Ted Dekker
* Black, the player who moves second in chess
* Black, a "Twisted Metal" (series) character
* The Blacks, alternative name for the All Blacks rugby union team
* 11207 Black, a Main-belt asteroid
* Black (turkey), a breed of domestic turkey

ee also

*Blackness (disambiguation)
*Black River (disambiguation)
*The Black Album (disambiguation)
*Black and white (disambiguation)

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