E-mail appending

E-mail appending

Email appending is the process of merging a database of customer information where the email addresses are missing for the customers, with a service provider's database of email addresses in an attempt to match the email addresses with the information in the initial database.

An email appending process scenario involves a business that has name, address and telephone data on its customers to do business through mail or over the telephone. But if the company wants to expand into email communication, then they can involve a service provider that has a database of email addresses in order to merge the data together. In this way they can have an updated database with the current email address of the customers.

The success of email appending obviously depends on the quality of both databases being merged. Merged databases can contain erroneous or invalid information and, like other forms of Database marketing be considered spam and many mailers using appending have been using Opt-out instead of Opt in e-mail. [http://www.cluelessmailers.org/articles/2008-01-19-gettingitwrong.html]


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