Uw Cuwa

Uw Cuwa

Infobox Language
name=Uw Cuwa
region=Northern slopes of the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, Boyacá Department, Colombia; Venezuela
speakers=1,800–3,600Adelaar & Muysken (2004): p. 109.]
fam2=Chibchan Proper
lc1=tnd|ld1=Angosturas Tunebo|ll1=Angosturas Tunebo
lc2=tbn|ld2=Barro Negro Tunebo|ll2=Barro Negro Tunebo
lc3=tuf|ld3=Central Tunebo|ll3=Central Tunebo
lc4=tnb|ld4=Western Tunebo|ll4=Western Tunebo

Uw Cuwa is a Chibchan language spoken by between 1,800 and 3,600 of the U'wa people (formerly known as "Tunebo") of Colombia, out of a total population of about 7,000.


Dialects at the time of European contact, include -
#The Duit dialect (in Duitama)
#Sinsiga (in Chita, and likely Róyota and Cobaría)
#Tunebo (in Margua, Sínsiga, Bocota and Cubugón)
#Tegría (in the Pamplona Valley and Uncacía del Sarare, in North Santander)

Current dialects as described by Fabre 2005 are as follows:
#Angosturas Tunebo - nearly extinct
#Eastern Tunebo (or barro negro) at least 300 speakers (1981) in Barro Negro, Tabías and San Lope (Casanare)
#Central Tunebo (Cobaría) - 1.500 (1982)
#Western Tunebo (Aguas Blancas) undetermined number in southern Santander






*cite book |author=Adelaar, Willem F. H. |coauthors=Muysken, Pieter C. |year=2004 |title=The Languages of the Andes |publisher=Cambridge University Press
*Alain Fabre 2005. " [http://butler.cc.tut.fi/~fabre/BookInternetVersio/Alkusivu.html Diccionario etnolingüístico y guía bibliográfica de los pueblos indígenas sudamericanos] ".

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