The Hynor hydrogen highway in Norway was established in 2003 and is part of the Scandinavian hydrogen highway partnership with hyfuture and hydrogen link. The planned highway is part of the hydrogen infrastructure, there are seven hydrogen re-fueling stations planned along the 580-kilometer (360-mile) route

The planned highway is to run between the capital, Oslo and the port of Stavanger.
Norway's first hydrogen fueling station was opened in February, 2007, near Stavanger


*Bergen - H2 from natural gas Kværner-process and as byproduct Carbon Black production, dispensing at 350 and 700 Bar
*Stavanger - H2 from natural gas reforming (steam reforming), HCNG 8%, at 350 and 700 Bar
*Lyngdal - Compressed hydrogen tube trailer supply
*Porsgrunn - H2 byproduct from chlorine production
*Drammen - hydrogen from methane rich wastegas with CO2 capture from biomass/waste
*Oslo- H2 from electrolysis hydropower
*Romerike - H2 from biogas and biodiesel (steam reforming) and solar electrolysis

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*Zero Emission Resource Organisation
*Scandinavian hydrogen highway partnership
*Hydrogen infrastructure
*Hydrogen economy

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* [http://autoreview.belproject.com/item/182 Autoreview Article]
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External links

* [http://www.hynor.no/english Hynor]
* [http://www.hynor.no/pdf/engelsk-hynor-presentation.pdf Hydrogen corridor]

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