List of harvest festivals

List of harvest festivals

Harvest festivals around the world:
* "Pongal": celebrated by Tamil people in Tamil Nadu (India) and other places
* "Chuseok": Korea
* "Dongmaeng": Korea
* "Dożynki" Poland
* "": Germany
* "Freyfaxi" (Aug. 1st): marks the beginning of the harvest in Norse paganism. Historically from Iceland, the celebration consists of blót, horse races, martial sports, and other events, often dedicated to the god Freyr.
* "Gawai Dayak": Malaysia
* "Harvest festival": United Kingdom
* "Kaamatan" (May 30-31), Sabah in Malaysia
* "Lammas" or "Lughnasadh" (Aug 1): celebration of first harvest/grain harvest in Paganism and Wicca spirituality and by the ancient Celts.
* "Mabon" (Autumnal Equinox): the second of three recognized harvest sabbats in Paganism and Wicca
* "Makar Sankranti": Celebrated by Kannadiga and Telugu people, India
* "Maras Taun": Belitung in Indonesia
* "Mid-Autumn Festival": China, Vietnam
* "Mehregan" (October 2): Iran, Ancient Persia
* "Nabanna": Bengal region which comprises West Bengal (India) and Bangladesh
* "Onam": celebrated by Malayali people in Kerala (India) and other places
* "Annual Harvest Festival" of Prosser, Washington, celebrated on the 4th full weekend in September
* "Samhain" (October 31): the third and final of three recognized harvest sabbats in Paganism and Wicca; celebration of the end of the harvest season and beginning of the Celtic New Year.
* "Solung": falls between June and July for nine days. The Adi (also Abor) is a major collective tribe living in the Himalayan hills of Arunachal Pradesh
* "Franklin Grove harvest festival" of Franklin Grove, Illinois on the 1st Thursday of August
* "Jewish harvest festival": Sukkot
* "Harvest Festival (United States)": celebrated by American christians on October 31st
* "Thanksgiving (United States)": the holiday on the fourth Thursday in November.
* "Thanksgiving (Canada)": the holiday on the second Monday in October.
* "Timoleague": Harvest Festival is held every year in August - Tigh Molaige in Irish
* "Vaisakhi" (or "Baisakhi"): celebrated by Punjabi people in Punjab (India) and elsewhere. The festival falls on the first day of Vaisakh month (usually mid-April), and marks the Punjabi New Year.
* "Ikore": celebrated by the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria
* "Khuado Pawi": celebrated by the Chin tribe of India, Burma and recently in the USA and many other parts of the world.

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