Effective pixels

Effective pixels

The number of effective pixels that an image sensor has is the count of elementary pixel sensors that contribute to the final image, as opposed to the number of total pixels, which includes unused or light-shielded pixels around the edges.

The terminology and definition of "effective pixels" and "total pixels" derives from Japanese camera-industry standards and is now incorporated in American national (ANSI) standards.


* [http://webstore.ansi.org/ansidocstore/product.asp?sku=ANSI%2FI3A+IT10.7000-2004 ANSI/I3A IT10.7000-2004] Photography - Digital Still Cameras - Guidelines for Reporting Pixel-Related Specifications

* [http://www.cipa.jp/english/hyoujunka/std-pdf/jcia_gla03english.pdf JCIA GLA03. Revised July 17, 2001] Guideline for Noting Digital Camera Specifications in Catalogs

superseded by:

* [http://www.cipa.jp/english/hyoujunka/kikaku/pdf/DCG-001_E.pdf CIPA DCG-001-Translation-2005] Guideline for Noting Digital Camera Specifications in Catalogs

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