Hung can refer to:

* Hung language, a Viet-Muong language spoken in Laos.
* Hung is one of the transliterations of the sixth syllable in Buddhist "Six syllable mantra" Om mani padme hum.
* William Hung, sang "She Bangs" on American Idol
* Sammo Hung, a Chinese actor and director of martial arts movies.
* A colloquial (slang) term used in reference to a human male who has a large penis, usually in reference to the length of the penis in its flaccid state.
* Hung is an EP and a song by Napalm Death.
* is a book by Scott Poulson-Bryant.
* "Hung", a short film by Guinevere Turner.
* A computer program is said to be hung when in an infinite loop.
* A hung jury is a jury that is unable to reach a unanimous verdict.
* A person who has attempted to slam dunk and failed to jump high enough is said to have been hung.
* "Hung" is the title of a 1970 novel by Dean Koontz (published under the name Leonard Chris)
* "Hung" Vuong was the king of Vietnam Hùng Vương
* Hung (Warhammer): the location in the Chaos Wastes.

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