Broadcast Television Systems Inc.

Broadcast Television Systems Inc.

Broadcast Television Systems Inc.

In 1986 Robert Bosch GmbH's Fernseh Division entered into a new joint venture with Philips Broadcast in Breda, Netherlands. This new Company was called Broadcast Television Systems Inc. or BTS inc. Philips had been in the Broadcast market for many years with a line of PC- and LDK- Norelco Professional video cameras and other video products.By the 1980s, the Norelco name was dropped in favour of Philips.Robert Bosch GmbH's Fernseh Division also had a long history going back to the early days of Television (1929).

* BTS's North America headquarters was at first located in Salt Lake City, UT. This was later moved to Simi Valley, Ca for a few years and then moved back to SLC.

*In 1995 Philips Electronics North America Corp. fully acquired BTS Inc., renaming it Philips Broadcast-Philips Digital Video Systems. The BTS Inc.'s Darmstadt factory in Germany was near the Darmstadt Train Station and European Space Operations Centre this was later moved a short distance to Weiterstadt, Germany.
*In March 2001 Philips' broadcast video division was sold to Thomson SA, the current owner; the Division was call Thomson Multimedia. In 2002, the French electronics giant Thomson SA also acquired the Grass Valley Group from Terry Gooding of San Diego, CA, USA. Grass Valley, Inc., the current name of this division of Thomson. Grass Valley, a Thomson Brand is now headquartered in Nevada City, California.


**Fernseh - for German made Products
**TeleMation Inc. for SLC products.
*Philips invented the plumbicon pick up Video camera tube in 1965; almost all of their color cameras used this award winning tube.
*Starting with the LDK 90 camera, Philips used their Frame transfer CCD - Charge-coupled device. Philips' patented Dynamic Pixel Management (DPM) FT-17 CCD technology won awards and was first used in the 1994 LDK10 and LDK10p camera.
*Philips-BTS product from Breda, Netherlands Professional video cameraProducts:
*EL-8020 B&W Studio 5 fixed lens
*LDK2 1970s Norelco
*LDH10 Norelco
*LDH20 Norelco
*LDH-0200 Studio Norelco
*LDK3 Studio PC-80 Norelco
*LDK4800 ? Triax repeter ? Camera ?
*LDK5 1971 Studio 3 tubes Philips
*LDK6 1982 Studio 3 tubes Norelco/BTS
*LDK9P BTS CCD 1993 HandHeld
*LDK11 1976 ENG Backpack Norelco
*LDK13 1971 ENG Backpack Norelco
*LDK14 1977 ENG 3 tubes Philips
*LDK15 1974? ENG Norelco
*LDK20 ~1997 BTS CCD
*LDK23HS BTS CCD Super slow mo
*LDK25 Studio
*LDK26 1982 Studio
*LDK33 Early Handheld
*LDK44 1984 Studio/ENG 3 tubes
*LDK54 Handheld 3 tubes
*LDK90 1987 BTS CCD HandHeld
*LDK91 BTS CCD HandHeld
*LDK93 BTS CCD HandHeld
*LDK614 LDK6 handheld
*LDK910 BTS CCD Studio
*LDM42 B&W 1968 Studio
*LDM53 B&W Studio
*PC60 1965 Studio 3 tubes Norelco
*PC70 1967 Studio 3 tubes Norelco
*PC80 Studio Norelco LDK3
*PC100 Studio Norelco
*PCP70 Handheld Norelco
*PCP90 1968 Handheld Norelco
*VIDEO 80 Handheld

*LDK 300 CCD Thomson Grassvalley
*LDK 400 CCD Thomson Grassvalley
*LDK 500 CCD Thomson Grassvalley 2003
*LDK23HS Mk2 CCD Super slow mo Thomson Grassvalley
*LDK 5000 CCD Thomson Grassvalley
*TTV 1657D CCD Thomson Grassvalley
*LDK 20S CCD Thomson Grassvalley
*LDK 1707 CCD Thomson Grassvalley
*LDK 4000 CCD HDTV Thomson Grassvalley
*LDK 5000 CCD HDTV Thomson Grassvalley
*LDK 6000 CCD HDTV Thomson Grassvalley
*LDK 6200 CCD HDTV Super SloMo

Philips early VTRs:LDL110 PortableNL1500 cassetteLDL110 Portable 1977NL1702 VR202VR2350


*Outstanding Achievement in Technical/Engineering Development Awards from National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.
**1966-1967 PLUMBICON TUBE - N.V. Philips -Breda
**1987-1888 FGS 4000 computer animation system CGI- BTS -SLC, UT
**1991-1992 Triaxial cable Technology for Color Television Cameras -N.V. Philips -Breda
**1992-1993 Prism Technology for Color Television Cameras -N.V. Philips -Breda
**1993-1994 Controlled Edge Enhancement Utilizing Skin Hue KeyingBTS and Ikegami (Joint Award) -Breda
**1997-1998 Development of a High Resolution Digital Film Scanner Eastman Kodak and Philips Germany. See Telecine
**2000-2001 Pioneering developments in shared video-data storage systems for use in television video servers - BTS/Philips/Thomson/ - SLC, UT
**2002-2003 Technology to simultaneously encode multiple video qualities and the corresponding metadata to enable real-time conformance and / or playout of the higher quality video (nominally broadcast) based on the decisions made using the lower quality proxies Montage. Philips and Thomson.

ee also

*TeleMation Inc.
*Robert Bosch GmbH
*Grass Valley (company)
*Thomson SA
*Professional video camera

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