Short stay apartment

Short stay apartment

A Short Stay Apartment is a furnished apartment that is rented for short periods of time, usually days or weeks. They are quickly becoming a preferred alternative to hotels for various reasons. A short stay apartment is a self-contained apartment space which will include a lounge, a bathroom and a kitchen. The apartment layout can vary from one-room studios to various roomed luxury apartments with many bedrooms.

The ability to temporarily own your own apartment offers plenty of freedom for its guests, for example, cooking and sharing a family meal. Many families travelling will often prefer to live together, eating and sleeping in one single apartment, rather than spread out around several hotel rooms.

A short stay apartment is a valid alternative to hotels for groups of people and families, as well as businessmen. Apartments are often available in good locations within city centers. Private villas also can be rented for short stays which are often located in rural areas or even coastal regions.


Quality of the apartments can vary. Many people who own a second home rent it out for short stays, some use an agency that specialises in renting out apartments, other choose to rent it out themselves, publishing it on websites. Often, agencies offer a higher standard of apartment, realising that people who rent a short stay apartment want comfort and a good standard of furnishing, they also usually offer greater levels of customer service.

Individual owners who manage their own properties may be cheaper, although the furnishing and decoration may not be as high-standard, and there may be little or no customer service during the stay should something occur.

Extended Stays

Business executives increasingly prefer a short stay apartment to hotel rooms. Apartments offer more privacy and freedom, and can be cost-effective. Short stays of more than one month are often called extended-stays. Many apartments come equipped with desks and internet connections, some even provide small offices, designed for business executives on short contracts etc.

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