Yours Truly Theatre, Bangalore

Yours Truly Theatre, Bangalore

Yours Truly Theatre is a young group based in Bangalore with an intension to take theatre to people. It is known for it's innovative style of theatre. Continuing efforts are made to do varied styles of theatre which is then taken across Bangalore and India. The group has a planned calendar which givies enough opportunity to do activities right from show for communities such as NGO's, public shows to internal shows like "Chai Time theatre" to inviting eminent theatre personalities to conduct workshops and direct plays. As part of the theatre's vision it wishes to expose children to dramatic plays. Yours Truly Theatre supports "Genie kids" through dramatic lessons for children ages 10-16. In this program, kids strive to become "Independent Learners, Thinkers, successful individuals and leaders".


The group specializes in varied styles of theatre including:

* Complete the Story Style
* Playback Theatre
* Body Theatre
* Silent Theatre
* Improv
* Rough Theatre
* Gripps Theatre

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A YT Production included "Final Touches" which was done in "Complete the story" style. Here the audience get to end a "scripted story" together and the actors act it out without any discussion. This production had four plays done in four different languages and travelled across Bangalore and Mysore. Yours Truly presents interactive theatre style performance "Seasons Change" on August 30th at Nayana Auditorium, in the Ravindra Kalakshetra Premises on 30th August, and Bhagwan Dhoondo on August 31st at the same venue. The production of "Common Man" dealt with the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Unlike typical theatre there is a point where audience members can help determine the fate of the conclusion of the play (theatre).


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