LMS Class 7F 0-8-0

LMS Class 7F 0-8-0

Infobox Locomotive
name=LMS 7F 0-8-0

caption=49582 at Aintree September 1960.
builder=LMS Crewe Works
wheelbase="loco:" convert|18|ft|3|in|m|2|abbr=on
boiler=LMS type G7¾S
tubearea=convert|1434|sqft|abbr=on later convert|1402|sqft|abbr=on
superheaterarea=convert|353|sqft|abbr=on to convert|338|sqft|abbr=on
cylindersize=19½×26 in (495×660 mm)
valvegear=Walschaerts, piston valves
roadnumber=LMS: 9500–9674
BR: 49500–49674
nicknames="Baby Austins"
"Austin Sevens"
The London, Midland and Scottish Railway Fowler Class 7F steam locomotive was an update of the London and North Western Railway (LNWR) G2 Class 0-8-0. The class were sometimes known as 'Baby Austins', or Austin 7s, after a motor car that was becoming popular at the time.


It featured a Belpaire firebox and increased boiler pressure over its predecessor but had the same power rating of 7F. Unfortunately the design had been done at the old Midlands's Derby Works and the drawing office staff insisted on using Midland practice. Among other things this meant that the axle bearings were too small for the loads they had to carry. E.S Cox, writing in a series of articles in Trains Illustrated c. 1957, suggests that they had a sufficiently modern and effective front end that, for steady slogging, some drivers preferred them to an LMS Stanier Class 8F. However, this also meant that, with bearings comparable to an LMS Fowler Class 4F and already inadequate for the lower powered engine, the bearings broke up rapidly.



Numbers 9672-4 were fitted with ACFI feedwater heaters when built but these were removed during World War II. After the war, five were briefly converted to oil burning.

British Railways

They all survived to pass into British Railways ownership but there were only 19 left by the end of January 1959. They had a fairly short life and
were all withdrawn between 1949 and 1962, some time before the G2s which lasted until 1964.

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* [http://www.railuk.co.uk/steam/getsteamclass.php?item=7F-B Rail UK database, LMS Class 7F 0-8-0]


* Ian Allan ABC of British Railways Locomotives, summer 1961 edition, part 3, page 52

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