Banning of leaded petrol

Banning of leaded petrol

Due to its toxicity, lead has been phased out of petroleum used in many countries. It is illegal in the following countries to sell or distribute leaded fuels for road vehicles. The date the ban was effected follows.


*Austria in 1989
*EU 1 January 2000
*Monaco, 2000
*Switzerland, 2000

Leaded petrol (gasoline) started to be sold again, in small quantities, in the United Kingdom from 2000. The lead content is up to 0.15 grams per litre and Bayford & Co are the only wholesale supplier.

[] - Aftermarket lead replacement additives were scientifically tested and some were approved by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs at the UK's Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) in 1999. This page also includes a list of UK leaded petrol retailers.


*Uganda - December 31, 2005

North America

*Canada 1993
*California, USA, January 1, 1992
*USA in 1995
*Costa Rica
*Dominican Republic
*El Salvador
*Puerto Rico
*Trinidad and Tobago, 2000

outh America



*Japan 1986
*Hong Kong - April 1, 1999
*Singapore, 1998
*South Korea
*Taiwan, 2000
*China, 2000
*Philippines, 2000
*India, 2000
*Nepal, 2000


*Australia, Jan 2003
*New Zealand, 1996

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