Henyep Investment

Henyep Investment

HENYEP Development Holdings is one of the oldest financial services companies in Hong Kong. Founded in the mid 1970's, the company was originally engaged in commodities trading in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Over the years, and throughout the last three decades, the Group businesses have enjoyed success in numerous fields and the Henyep name now brands operations across a range of financial markets & services.

Today, the Group, under the leadership of its professional management, has diversified to become a dynamic conglomerate spanning the industries of finance, property, manufacturing & education. The Group continues to actively pursue projects in these areas globally.

Through its operating subsidiaries, HENYEP has evolved in capital markets trading globally, IPO's, Underwriting, Mezzanine Financing and various business development initiatives in the Greater China region. With strong expertise and management, the Henyep Group is constantly improving and re-inventing the way they provide service our dedicated client base.

The Group has a long history of success in property development, both under its own portfolio and through joint-venture operations. Recent projects include the award-winning Minxing Financial Tower development in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, a joint venture with one of the largest state banks, the China Construction Bank.


Henyep Investment is a Subsidiary of HENYEP Group headquartered in London and is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). With 25 years of operational history and US$35 billion in annual turnover, they claim to be the partner of choice for serious investors seeking access to the world's capital markets.

According to recent announcements HENYEP Investment has become the first UK based specialist foreign exchange and derivatives trading firm to be granted a licence by the Dubai Financial Services Authority to operate from the Dubai International Financial Centre. Henyep plans to use the DIFC as a platform to further expand its core retail and institutional capital markets trading business that includes currencies, energy, metals, commodities and international equities.


1977 Henyep Gold Dealers founded as a member of the Hong Kong Gold and Silver Exchange Society 1978 Henyep Securities founded as a member of the Far East Stock Exchange and the Kam Ngan Stock Exchange Henyep commodities founded as a member of the Hong Kong Commodities Exchange 1980 Henyep sets up first USA branch in New York 1981 Chairman of Henyep is approved as a member of The Commodities Exchange of New York (COMEX) Henyep celebrates the establishment of its 25th overseas office with operations now on 4 continents 1985 Henyep Securities joins the new Hong Kong Stock Exchange 1986 Henyep becomes founding member of the Hong Kong Futures Exchange 1989 Henyep Chairman elected as founding Chairman of the Hong Kong Monetary Institution Associations (HKMIA) 1993 Henyep Properties enters the China property market with landmark joint-venture with the China Construction Bank 1994 Henyep relocates trading operations to London substantiating its presence as a global financial institution with over 50 affiliated offices over 4 continents 1998 Henyep Investment (UK) Limited granted license by the renowned SFA of the United Kingdom (now the Financial Services Authority) 1999 Henyep Investment launches HY Trader Internet trading platform and links affiliates with real-time access to information 2000 Henyep Investment pioneers the creation of CFD's on energy and commodities products anticipating growing interest in the sector Henyep Securities becomes a founding member along with global conglomerate Hutchison Whampoa to launch online stock trading platform Hotrade 2002 Henyep expands UK dealing and customer service center to provide 24/7 support to global affiliate network 2005 Henyep Wealth Management and Henyep Asset Management founded to further serve global clients investment needs. Henyep Wealth appointed as a strategic partner by UBS for the distribution of investment funds 2006 Henyep Investment launches second generation online trading platform HY Trader 4 bringing clients enhanced performance and reliability

Other Group Companies

HENYEP Securities Ltd

Founders of the Group have been very active in the Hong Kong stock market since the 1970's, long before the establishment of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (SEHK). Currently holding two trading rights at the SEHK, Henyep Securities Limited provides stock-broking services to its local and overseas clients at both individual and institutional levels. In addition, the Group engages in nominee and custodian services, underwriting and placing, and margin financing businesses.

Thanks to its extensive history in the field, an established and satisfied client base and an impressive network amongst its peers, Henyep Securities enjoys a strong market share in the Hong Kong equity market. In addition to the local market, the strongly-rooted business connections of the Group around the globe also allow clients to gain access to other major stock markets of the world.

The Group continues to make investments into technology to continuously improve the services it offers to its clients to maintain its position as a market leader.

Hing Yep Gold Dealers

Precious metals trading

As one of the world's top trading centers for gold, silver, and other precious metals, Hong Kong developed a market prominence due to its ability to hedge positions when the world's leading gold bullion exchanges of New York and London close and open.

Hing Yep Gold Dealers is a member of the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society. We enjoy strong contacts with major banks as well as jewelers and industrial users and provide them with access to the market in both physical or futures format.

HENYEP Properties Ltd

In recent years, the Group has become increasingly active in the property market, in Hong Kong and China as well as overseas. Henyep Properties Ltd. was established in the late 80’s. Backed by a comprehensive network, the Group provides property investment, development and real estate services.

Building on the success of these ventures and developments, the company shall continue to search for suitable development opportunities, having every confidence in the future of the property markets of both Hong Kong and China.

HENYEP Enterprise Ltd

Henyep (Chengdu) Enterprise Limited was registered in Chengdu, China on Sept. 18, 2001. The company is the largest independent owner of the CCB Sichuan Building, a joint venture between China Construction Bank, Sichuan Branch and Henyep Group.

The 85,000 square meter building was also granted a "Silver Award of All China Sampling Project for New-tech Application in Constructional Industry" by State Ministry of Construction, and "Superior Unit and Brilliant Project" by Chengdu City. The "Integrated Wiring" and "Monitoring System" of project also won the titles of Excellent Project and Safe & Civilized Unit, and have assessed to be a landmark building in Chengdu.

Currently the building has over 70 tenants, of which 90 % are foreign-capital enterprises, including international financial institutions; entertainment, trade, aviation, e-commerce, information media, high-tech agriculture, pharmaceuticals and technological companies.

HENYEP International Wealth Management Ltd

Henyep International Wealth Management Limited takes a client-centered approach to comprehensive wealth management by providing objective advice and consultancy services to wealthy individuals, families, businesses, private foundations, charities and other non-profit entities. The Wealth Management Professionals focuses the collective expertise of Henyep's Wealth Management, Offshore Financial Planning and Advisory disciplines on crafting guidance tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of our high net worth clients.

Group Regional Headquarters

London 4th Floor 72 Cannon Street,London ECAN 6AE, United Kingdom Dubai Level 5,Gate Precinct Building 4,Dubai International Financial Centre,Dubai United Arab Emirates

Hong Kong 10th Floor,Nine Queens Road CentralCentral, Hong Kong

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DIFC Press release: [http://www.difc.ae/press_centre/archive/2006/303.html]

HENYEP Group Homepage [http://www.henyep.com]

HENYEP Investment (UK) Ltd [http://www.hyinvestment.com]

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