For Sale...

For Sale...

Infobox Album
Name = For Sale...
Type = EP
Artist = Say Anything

Recorded = July–August 2003
Genre = Indie rock Emo
Length = 19:53
Label = Doghouse Records
Producer = Tim O'Heir, Max Bemis
Last album = "MenorahMajora" (2002)
This album = "For Sale..." (2004)
Next album = "...Is a Real Boy" (2004)

"For Sale..." is a tour EP by Say Anything. It contains 3 songs from "…Is a Real Boy" and 2 additional b-sides that were left off the album.

Track listing

# "Belt" – 4:21 †
# "Woe" – 3:55 †
# "Alive with the Glory of Love" – 4:15 †
# "We will Erase All Life on Earth But Us" – 3:48 ‡
# "Slumming it with Johnny" – 3:18 ‡† Recorded, mixed, and produced by Tim O'Heir ‡ Recorded and mixed by Forrest Kline, produced by Max Bemis


According to the liner notes:
* All songs written and arranged by Max Bemis
* Mastered by Kevin Seaton
* Drums by Coby Linder
* Vocals and additional instruments by Max Bemis
* Peter Bemis "Rip-Off" and layout by Ryan Johnson

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