List of cities and towns on the Euphrates River

List of cities and towns on the Euphrates River

This article provides a detailed list of the cities and towns along the Euphrates River in order of country. Other landmarks along the way are provided for context. The river is approximately 2,781 kilometers (1,730 miles) long, For more information, see Euphrates River

Cities in Turkey

The Euphrates is formed by the union of two branches, the Kara (the western Euphrates), which rises in eastern Turkey north of Erzurum and the Murat (the eastern Euphrates). These rivers merge in the Elazığ Province of Turkey, where the river is dammed in several places such as the Keban Dam, the Karakaya Dam, Atatürk Dam, the Birecik Dam, and Karkamis Dam. Beneath the lakes of these dams are ancient towns like Samsat. Other towns like Elif, Hasanoğlu and Hisar in the Araban district of Gaziantep date back to Roman times. Halfeti, a district of Şanlıurfa, mentioned as “Halpa” in the Urartu inscriptions. []

The following is a partial list of other Turkish cities and towns that border the Euphrates.
* Rumkale (Hromgla)
* Arulis (Gümüşgün) was an important centre of the Kommagene kingdom
* Zeugma known as “Seleukeia Euphrates” in the Hellenistic period
* Birecik
* Arsameia

Cities in Syria

The upper reaches of the Euphrates flow through steep canyons and gorges, southeast across Syria, and through Iraq. The Khabur and the Balikh River join the Euphrates in eastern Syria.
Buhayrat al Asad is a large lake in Syria on the Euphrates River formed by the construction of the Tabaqah Dam in 1973. The sites of Tell Abu Hureyra and Mureybet ancient Mesoptamian cities of the Euphrates, are underneath this lake.

* Abu Kamal
* Ar Raqqah
* Deir ez-Zor
* Mayadin

Cities in Iraq

In Iraq, the Euphrates is known as Nahr al Furat and is only navigable by very shallow-draft boats, which can reach as far as the Iraqi city of Hit, located 1,930 kilometers (1,200 miles) upstream and which is only 53 meters (58 yards) above sea level. Above Hit, however, shoals and rapids make the river commercially unnavigable.

A 350 mile (565-km) canal links the Euphrates to the Tigris from Al-Yusufiyyah, 25 miles (40 km) south of Baghdad, to Al-Basrah.

North of Basra, in southern Iraq, the river merges with the Tigris to form the Shatt al-Arab, this in turn empties into the Persian Gulf. The river used to divide into many channels at Basra, forming an extensive marshland, but the marshes were largely drained by the Saddam Hussein government in the 1990s as a means of driving out the rebellious Marsh Arabs. Since the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the drainage policy has been reversed, but it remains to be seen whether the marshes will recover.

* Al Hillah
* Al Kifl
* Al-Hanaya
* Anah

* Al Diwaniyah

* Fallujah

* Haditha
* Haqlaniyah
* Hīt, Iraq


* Iskandariya


* Khan al Baghdadi
* Kufa


* Musayyib


* Nasiriyah


* Al-Qa'im (town)

* Ramadi
* Rawah


* Saddat al Hindiyah
* Samawah

Al Anbar Province

The following section lists the cities and town along the Euphrates in order along the river

Al Qaim District

* Qusaybah
* Sa' dah
* Al Ubaydi
* As Sammah
* Mish 'al
* Shaqaqivah
* Al Jurn
* Babiye
* Artajah
* An Nayah

=Anah district=

* Al Mahdiyah
* Al Ajjamiyah
* Rawa
* AnahThen there is a big dam lake

Haditha District

* Abu Tughrah
* Wastan
* Imam Nur ud din
* Sulaymaniyah
* Subhaniyah
* Matmash
* Hawijat Sulaymaniyah
* Mirjalan
* Arrabi
* Jadidah
* Dardasah
* Suwaynikh
* Siflah
* Tasiyah

Heet District

* Sawari
* Jaudafiyah
* Samaniyah
* Jubbah
* Jubariyah
* Waddahiyah
* Juwaniyah
* Mashad
* Al Baghdadi
* Charraf
* Mashad (duplicate city)
* Daniqiyah
* Marabdiyah
* Yardah
* Bashiri
* Samalah
* Zara
* Kassiya
* Mashquqah
* Qabatiyah
* Sidhadiyah
* Baziyah
* Khadaram
* Mufrawda'
* Sahliyah
* Jallawiyah
* Maskhan
* Natil
* Sadqah
* Hit, Iraq
* Banrani
* Khauza
* Abu Naml
* Zuwayyah
* Aqabah
* Abu tibban
* Khan Abu Rayt

Ramadi District

* Zanqurah
* Gothia
* Say yid 'Abd Allah 'Ali
* 'Arab Abd al Khalat
* Ramadi
* 'Ajal as Salim
* 'Ali an Numan
* Fadil
* Malahimah
* Habbaniyah (Khaldia)


* [ 22 July 2003: 094 A3 Anbar populated areas 1.pdf]
* [ 22 July 2003: 095 A3 Anbar populated areas 2.pdf]

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