Doppelmayer (crater)

Doppelmayer (crater)
Doppelmayer (crater)
Coordinates 28°30′S 41°24′W / 28.5°S 41.4°W / -28.5; -41.4Coordinates: 28°30′S 41°24′W / 28.5°S 41.4°W / -28.5; -41.4
Diameter 64 km
Depth 1.6 km
Colongitude 41° at sunrise
Eponym Johann G. Doppelmayer

Doppelmayer is the remains of a lunar crater that lies on the southwest edge of Mare Humorum. To the south-southeast is another flooded crater designated Lee, and to the southeast is Vitello. Just to the east-northeast of Doppelmayer lies the nearly submerged crater Puiseux.

The rim of Doppelmayer is nearly round, but is worn and eroded. The most intact section is the southwest half, while in the northeast the rim descends beneath the mare, leaving only a slight rise in the surface. The interior has been flooded by lava, leaving a large raised ridge in the center. A small range of hills curves to the west and north from the southern end of this ridge, forming a feature that is nearly concentric with the crater's outer rim.

The crater is named after Johan Gabriel Doppelmayr by Johann Hieronymus Schröter in 1791

Satellite craters

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater mid-point that is closest to Doppelmayer.

Doppelmayer Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 29.8° S 43.1° W 10 km
B 30.5° S 45.4° W 11 km
C 30.3° S 44.1° W 7 km
D 31.8° S 45.8° W 9 km
G 28.9° S 44.9° W 15 km
H 28.8° S 43.2° W 10 km
J 24.5° S 41.1° W 6 km
K 24.0° S 40.7° W 5 km
L 23.6° S 40.5° W 4 km
M 29.5° S 43.9° W 15 km
N 29.2° S 44.6° W 5 km
P 29.1° S 42.7° W 8 km
R 29.2° S 43.2° W 4 km
S 28.1° S 43.6° W 4 km
T 25.9° S 43.2° W 3 km
V 29.8° S 45.6° W 8 km
W 33.6° S 45.6° W 8 km
Y 33.1° S 46.1° W 10 km
Z 33.0° S 46.4° W 10 km


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