Tracheal rings

Tracheal rings

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The cartilages of the trachea (or tracheal rings) vary from sixteen to twenty in number: each forms an imperfect ring, which occupies the anterior two-thirds or so of the circumference of the trachea, being deficient behind, where the tube is completed by fibrous tissue and unstriped muscular fibers.

Middle tracheal cartilages

The cartilages are placed horizontally above each other, separated by narrow intervals.

They measure about 4 mm. in depth and 1 mm. in thickness.

Their outer surfaces are flattened in a vertical direction, but the internal are convex, the cartilages being thicker in the middle than at the margins.

Two or more of the cartilages often unite, partially or completely, and they are sometimes bifurcated at their extremities.

They are highly elastic, but may become calcified in advanced life.

First and last tracheal cartilages

The peculiar tracheal cartilages are the first and the last.

The "first cartilage" is broader than the rest, and often divided at one end; it is connected by the cricotracheal ligament with the lower border of the cricoid cartilage, with which, or with the succeeding cartilage, it is sometimes blended.

The "last cartilage" is thick and broad in the middle, in consequence of its lower border being prolonged into a triangular hook-shaped process, which curves downward and backward between the two bronchi. It ends on each side in an imperfect ring, which encloses the commencement of the bronchus. The cartilage above the last is somewhat broader than the others at its center.


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