List of Royal Canadian Mint RCMP coins

List of Royal Canadian Mint RCMP coins

Originally dispatched in the 19th Century to patrol the Western frontier, the scarlet-clad Mountie on horseback is a well-known image of Canada. Today, the cavalry drills the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) practised over a century ago are performed in front of audiences. The Musical Ride is part of Canada's national identity. The images of the RCMP have been featured on various Canadian coins.

The first coins that featured the image of the RCMP were the twenty-five cent and one dollar coins of 1973. Police Constable Paul Cedarberg designed both coins. The twenty-five cent coin is unique in that there are two varieties of the coin. A new obverse with a smaller, more detailed portrait and fewer rim denticles placed farther from the rim was planned for use with the RCMP commemorative reverse. [The Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Coins, W.K. Cross, p. 127, The Charlton Press, Toronto, Ontario, ISBN 0-88968-297-6 ] A small quantity of coins was struck with the 1972 obverse, thus creating two varieties for the year. The quantity of the large bust has never been confirmed but most publications on Canadian coins estimate that there are approximately 10,000 of these coins. The 1999 Millennium series of 25-cent pieces included the bust of a Mountie on each of the January and July issues. [”Mountie Money”, Christopher Boyer, p. 35, Numismatist, Volume 118, Number 9, September 2005]

Unlike the twenty-five cent coin, the Silver Dollar had the same obverse. The only difference with these coins were the cases. One case was black leatherette, with a coat of arms and an insert that was coloured maroon and black. A second case was created and it was blue leatherette with a gilt RCMP crest, with a maroon and black insert.

Twenty-Five Cents

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eventy-Five Dollars

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ilver Maple Leaf

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