Kamchatka (disambiguation)

Kamchatka (disambiguation)

Kamchatka may refer to:
*Kamchatka Peninsula, a peninsula in northeast Russia, including Volcanoes of Kamchatka, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
*Kamchatka Oblast, a former federal subject of Russia
*Kamchatka Krai, a federal subject of Russia (a krai) covering the Kamtchatka Peninsula established in 2007
*Kamchatka River, a river in Russia
*Kamchatka Vodka, a brand of cheap vodka made in Kentucky
*"Kamchatka (film)", an Argentine film
*"Kamchatka (band)", a Swedish rock band
*Russian frigate "Kamchatka", a steam frigate of the Imperial Russian Navy, built in New York City in 1841

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