Visibility (geometry)

Visibility (geometry)

Visibility is a mathematical abstraction of the real-life notion of visibility.

Given a set of obstacles in the Euclidean space, two points in the space are said to be visible to each other, if the line segment that joins them does not intersect any obstacles.

Computation of visibility is among the basic problems in computational geometry and finds applications in computer graphics, motion planning, and other areas.

Notions and problems

*Point visibility
*Edge visibility
*Visibility polygon
*Weak visibility
*Art gallery problem (The museum problem)
*Visibility graph
**Visibility graph of vertical line segments
*Watchman route problem
*Computer graphics applications:
**Hidden surface determination
**Hidden line removal
**portal engine
*Star-shaped polygon
**Kernel of a polygon
*Zone of Visual Influence

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* [ VisiLibity: A free open source C++ library of floating-point visibility algorithms and supporting data types. A Matlab interface is also included.]


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