The Jigsaw Man (film)

The Jigsaw Man (film)

"The Jigsaw Man" is a 1983 spy film starring Michael Caine, Laurence Olivier and Robert Powell.


Sir Philip Kimberly, the former head of the British Secret Service who defected to Russia, is given plastic surgery and sent back to Britain by the KGB to retrieve some vital documents. With the documents in hand, he instead plays off MI6 and the KGB against each other.


* Michael Caine - Philip Kimberley/Kuziminsky
* Laurence Olivier - Admiral Sir Gerald Scaith
* Susan George - Penelope Kimberley
* Robert Powell - Jamie Fraser
* Charles Gray - Sir James Chorley


The film was directed by Terence Young, who decided to cast Michael Caine to play the lead role. The second major role went to Laurence Olivier, thus reuniting the two actors who had previously received Academy Award nominations for their roles in the acclaimed Sleuth in 1972. Filming began in 1982 but the film hit financial troubles, reportedly being shut down due to cash difficulties. Olivier apparently walked off set after receiving no pay, with Caine following not long after. The actors returned when $4 million was secured as finance. The film was given a 15 rating by the BBFC in August 1983.

The Jigsaw Man was released in DVD format in 2002 by Prism Leisure, with its special features being a chapter selection.

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